Newsletter week beginning 5th September 2016

Newsletter 1
6th September 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to another packed term at Nevill Road Junior School. I hope that you all had an enjoyable summer and managed to find some sunshine somewhere!!

New staff
This year we welcome Mrs Hancock as a permanent member of our staff and are delighted to see Miss Whittle back in class. Mrs Lane is taking a break this term and her hours will be covered by Mrs Atkinson. In addition both Mrs Watts and Mrs Sheldrake have returned from maternity leave. We hope that your children enjoy being in their new classes, whilst making good progress with their learning.
Should you have any concerns about your child, in any class, please contact their class teacher initially. If you feel that you need to escalate any issue after that then please contact the relevant phase leader – Mr Kinnear for Years 3 & 4; Miss Wilson for Years 5 & 6.

Building work and mobile classrooms
School has had a complete rewire during the summer holidays which has made a huge difference to the quality of lighting in school. I am delighted with the work and amazed that everything has been completed in such a short time. There are new bollards around the front of school which should help when the nights draw in.
The students from Stockport College are finishing off the external murals on the Year 4 and 5 mobile classrooms. The designs, which were created with input from our children, are great and have really brightened up both playgrounds. Thanks to Claire Williams for organising this.

Year 6 walking home and mobile phones
As children enter Year 6 we realise that parents start to allow them to walk home unaccompanied, in preparation for moving on to secondary school. If your child has permission to walk home unaccompanied at the end of the day, please complete the details below and return it as soon as possible to the class teacher.
In addition we understand that if your child is walking home you will want them to have their phone with them. If these children do bring a phone in, it must be switched off and handed in to Mr Elias at the start of the day. The phones will then be stored securely during the day and returned at home time.
Only children who have permission to walk unaccompanied should have a mobile phone in school.

My child _____________________________ is in Year 6E / 6P / 6W (please indicate your child’s class)

I give permission for them to walk home unaccompanied at the end of the school day.
They will/will not be bringing a mobile phone to school with them.

Signed ________________________________________ Parent/Guardian

Years 5 and 6 visits to High School
At this time of year children and parents in Years 5 and 6 are able to visit Bramhall High School. A letter with full details will come out shortly but I wanted to give you advance notice that the day allocated is Tuesday 27th September. There will also be a presentation at Bramhall High School on 29th September at 5pm.

Hot Dinners
We now have a new dinner system, which despite a couple of teething problems, seems to have started to work well. Even after one day we have received positive feedback about both the quality/amount of food and the way the new system works.
Please ensure that you have ordered your child’s dinners by 9:15am in the morning as any child arriving in the dinner hall without a pre-order will only be able to have a baked potato & filling.
It is possible to order for a whole week at a time and only meals that are taken will be paid for. Our caterers, Dolce, and the Live Kitchen, who run the systems, will handle all payments. I understand that if you chose to pay by direct debit there is an option to either pay the school or pay the caterer. Please ensure that you opt to pay the caterer.

Swimming for Year 4 children will start tomorrow on Wednesday 7th September.

Homework will be handed out on a Monday this year, due in on a Friday. Any child not completing/handing it in by the end of the week will be expected to complete it during Friday’s Golden Time period. Full details will follow when homework starts next week.

If you have not yet downloaded our ParentApp please do try to. We send all communications via this and all letters are also uploaded onto it. The App runs on most phones and is free to download from the App store. Search for “Nevill Road Schools”.

During the summer the government published new legislation and guidelines on tackling childhood obesity. With that in mind we have adjusted the stock of our tuck shop. We will now be selling: popcorn (low in fat & sugar); breadsticks; low sugar cereal bars; sugar free drinks; cheese and yogurt. We are happy to sell fruit but will survey parents before doing so as it goes off.
Breaktime snacks should be a piece of fruit or an alternative healthy option. Bags of sweets are not appropriate and staff will remove them from children who have them. Please do not send in sweets for children’s birthdays and if you could try to reduce the amount of crisps and sweets in lunchboxes we would be grateful.
From Monday 12th September all snacks from the tuck shop will cost 30p, apart from breadsticks which will remain at 20p.

I look forward to working with you and your children over the course of this year and will keep you fully informed via my newsletters, the ParentApp and the website.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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