Newsletter week beginning 30/03/15

Dear Parents/Carers,

Year 5 play
The Year 5 play was absolutely fantastic  I was so proud of the children and amazed that they had managed to put the whole play on within 2 weeks! I hope that those of you who attended enjoyed it.

After Easter we will be starting to use Parentmail as a form of communication. This means that you will be able to receive newsletters electronically either by email or to the APP that is available for phones. Details of how to sign up to this will be sent out soon. Our long term aim is to send all letters and forms in this manner, although if you do not wish to sign up to it then you will still receive hard copies.

Code of conduct
Last week I informed you that we would be working on our Code of Conduct after the Easter break.
We will be starting with a “Pupil Voice” day on Friday 24th April where we aim to draw up, with the children, what a good Nevill Road pupil and member of staff looks like! We will be talking about desired characteristics and expectations for both roles and hope that this will form the basis of a new charter.
We will also be including work around “telling” – why we need to tell; what prevents people from telling; and how we can develop an ethos where people are confident to stand up for what they know to be right.

There will also be the introduction of a weekly “Kindness Award”. Children will be able to nominate others in their class, anonymously, by putting a name into a box. At the end of the week each class will pull out a name and this child will receive the award.

Further information and activities will be provided throughout the summer term.

Tuesday 31st – parents’ evening 4-6pm
Wednesday 1st – parents’ evening 4-7pm
Thursday 2nd – close for Easter at 3:20pm
Monday 20th – reopen for the Summer term at 8:50am
Monday 20th – Year 3 group 1 to leave for their residential
Tuesday 21st – Year 3 group 2 to leave for their residential; group 1 to return
Wednesday 22nd – Year 3 group 2 to return from their residential
Friday 24th – Pupil Voice day
Tuesday 28th – Class photographs
Wednesday 29th – Year 5 Bikeability starts and continue until Friday 1st May
Monday 4th – May Day Bank Holiday – school closed
Thursday 7th – Inset day – school used as a Polling Station
Friday 8th – Year 4 Bikeability
Monday 11th – Year 6 SATs tests start
Thursday 14th – Year 6 SATs test end
Friday 22nd – close for half term at 3:20pm

Parents’ evenings
Letters have gone out to make appointments to meet with your child’s teacher about their progress in school. If you have not made an appointment for this Tuesday or Wednesday please speak to the teachers concerned to arrange a mutually convenient time.
The governors will be on hand at both evenings, asking you to complete their annual survey. We would appreciate your time in doing so as we cannot improve school unless we know what your concerns are.

The following children were awarded certificates in assembly today:

Y6R – Megan for modelling excellent behaviour and always producing outstanding work that is beautifully presented
Y6R – Georgia for working hard in guided reading to develop her answers.
Y6S – Daniel W for always working hard during English lessons, participating in all activities and producing many pieces of fantastic writing.
Y6S – Emma for her consistent hard work and resilience even when she finds things tough especially in maths.
Y6W – Miliani for her continued hard work and determination to succeed in whatever she does.
Y6W – Daniel E for a wonderful explanation of how a circuit works, using technical language and thinking about how to up level it.
Y5C – Charlie for always taking pride in the presentation of his work
Y5C – Abaigeal for doing such a great job with the overhead projector during the Year 5 play.
Y5L – Aliyah for always working hard and showing great progress in all areas.
Y5L –Isaac for showing great confidence in the show and doing really well in all areas of school.
Y5P – Sully for always showing a positive attitude in school and being eager to share his own ideas with the class.
Y5P – Freya for a fantastic performance in the Y5 play, showing great maturity when acting and singing.
Y4H –Keanna for always being helpful and having an enthusiastic and hardworking attitude to her learning.
Y4H – Freddie for making a really good effort with his times tables.
Y4K – Jack for trying really hard in his lessons last week.
Y4K – Lewis for being sensible, responsible behaviour and making the right choices.
Y4S – Maizee for collecting lots of super information about the Romans.
Y4S – Patrick for having more enthusiasm and pride in his work during topic and science lessons.
Y3L – Ella for her excellent attitude towards learning and being helpful and hardworking.
Y3L – Kaiden for working really hard in maths and having a great attitude towards learning.
Y3LW –Tristan for his fantastic ideas for his rainforest DT project
Y3LW – Lucy for her fantastic description of the rainforest which included frontal adverbials and subordinate clauses.
Y3M – Rebekah for reading with increasing fluency and understanding.
Y3M – Anya for having a positive attitude, making the right choices and always being enthusiastic.

House Point certificates
This year we will be awarding certificates every time a child receives 100 house points.
This week the following children have received certificates:
Y4S: Elle, Maizee, Eddie, James and Callum.
Y4H: Olivia, Tilly, Drew, Caity, Keanna, Beth, Thomas and Kian
Y5L: Hannah, Anthony, Erin G, Sophia, Suzi, Amelie, Thomas P

Class attendance
Well done to Mr Elias’ class, Y5P, for having the best attendance last week with 99.2%.
Attendance still seems to be down at present. Please remember to contact the school office if your child will not be in school. Staff work there from 8:30am until 4pm (Monday-Thursday) or 3:30pm (Friday). There is an answerphone for when the staff are not there and if you leave a message we will get back to you.

Congratulations to all those children who received awards from the Stockport Music Service.

Flute: Amelia, Claudia & Abaigeal (all Y4)
Clarinet: Tilly, Phoebe, Sofia and Abi (all Y4)
Saxophone: Isobel (Y4), Sully (Y5) and Daniel (Y6)

Congratulations to the winners of the Easter egg competition. I believe the standard was incredibly high!

Y3 – Tilly B
Y4 – Adam W
Y5 – Hannah R
Y6 – Freya R-B

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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