Newsletter week beginning 28/10/13

Dear Parents/Carers,

The following children received certificates in assembly today:

Y6H – Raphie for fantastic pair work and sequence in gymnastics.
Y6H – Josie for fantastic pair work and sequence in gymnastics.
Y6R – Matin for being a mature and sensible helper at reading club.
Y6R – Poppy for working hard to write her detective story.
Y5C – Nia Moi for excelling in poetry during our literacy lessons.
Y5C – Lewis for first class participation in all PE and games lessons.
Y5K – Beth for outstanding contributions to class discussions and always trying her best.
Y5K – Callum for a brilliant boastful poem, including metaphors and similes.
Y5W – Jessica for giving 100% in all her work and trying her best to be an independent learner.
Y5W – Georgia for always trying her hardest to be an independent learner, always being on task and assessing her own work, thinking of ways to improve it.
Y4J – Aliyah for working hard in all lessons.
Y4J – Anthony for always setting a good example in class.
Y4P – Joseph for achieving the target he had set himself in his writing.
Y4P – Jasmine for always respecting others, always trying her best in everything that she does and for being an absolute pleasure to teach.
Y4W – Hannah for a fantastic piece of work which used pictures and writing to show why the Nile was so important to the Ancient Egyptians.
Y4W – Harry for doing a whole page of independent writing which showed his teacher how good he is at writing a recount.
Y3LW – Sofia for finding some excellent time connectives.
Y3LW – Harry for excellent work in writing instructions.
Y3M – Fin for making a great start to the Juniors.
Y3M – Bella for being keen and eager and ready to take the next steps in her learning.
Y3P – Luke for working hard in mathematics.
Y3P – Abigail for following instructions and being an excellent independent learner.

Congratulations to the following children in class Y6H who have already earned 100 house points this term:
Hugo Sam Oscar Katy Billy Livvy Alex

Well done to class Y4P who had the highest attendance last week with 98.4%.
If your child is not in school for any reason, please phone the school office to let us know. The answer machine is on from 4:00pm until 8:30am so it is always possible to leave a message.

Individual Photographs
Individual and family photographs will be taken on Thursday,
31st October 2013 of all children in school. However, if you have children in Little Bears and you would like a family photograph please can you go to the Infant School at 8.30 am for the photograph to be taken.

School Dinners
As we start the new half term, we are already £155.10 in arrears with dinner monies. Could you please ensure that your dinner money payments are up to date. All payments MUST be made in advance in order that we do not find ourselves, once again, heavily in arrears. There is a new dinner menu which will be put on our website some time this week.

Cyber-bullying and e-safety
We are holding a workshop on cyber-bullying and e-safety on Monday 25th November from 9:15-10:15am.
There is still time to book places on this – we need to know numbers for refreshments and fire regulations. If you have mislaid the letter please contact the office for a replacement.

Football Team
The football team have a cup game against the holders, Lower Park, at 3:30pm on Tuesday 29th October. The game will be played at Nevill Road – all supporters are welcome.

School Council
The School Council met for the first time just before half term. We will be meeting on a regular basis and are starting by focussing on fundraising for charity, playtime equipment and the tuck shop. All classes now have suggestion bags so that the children can share their ideas. We hope that the council will work to make our school even better.

Parent participation events
Y4J – Wednesday 30th October, 2pm – come and make Egyptian structures with the children.
Y4P – Monday 28th October, 2:30pm – presentations by the children on their work about Ancient Egypt.
Y4W – Wednesday, 6th November, 2.30 pm – activity details will be sent out on Monday, 28th October.
Y5C, Y5K, Y5W – Friday, 1st November, 1.30 pm – all three Year 5 classes – Tudor extravaganza
Y6H, Y6R – Both Year 6 classes will be doing an activity together on Friday 1st November in the morning.

Please contact class teachers for further information.

PE kit
There are a number of children who do not have the correct PE kit in school. Please check with your child’s class teacher as to when PE days are. All children must have a white PE t-shirt, shorts and pumps for indoor PE, while for outdoor PE they should also have trainers and a PE sweatshirt and jogging bottoms.
Year 6 children will be going outside every week unless it is dangerous to do so (in preparation for doing so at High School) and should also bring in a waterproof jacket, a small towel and a change of socks.
No jewellery is allowed during PE lessons so children with pierced ears must be able to either remove the earrings themselves or leave them at home that day.

Congratulations to everyone who worked in Gardening Club to grow as many tubers as possible! The school grew 167 tubers and came first in the Potato Council competition, winning £350 worth of Suttons seeds vouchers.

School Band
Unfortunately Mr Stonehouse, from Bramhall High School, has been off sick this term. This has meant that we have been delayed in getting our band up and running. However, the music teachers have been sorting out some pieces of music with different parts, so Mrs Humphreys and I will start it up on Wednesday,
30th October, at 12:40pm. Children will need to make sure they have their instruments in school on that day.

Poppy Appeal
Poppies will be sold in school commencing Tuesday, 29th October. If your child would like to purchase a poppy, a minimum donation of at least 20p is recommended.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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