Newsletter week beginning 28/09/15

Newsletter 5
29th September 2015

Dear Parents/Carers,

All dates for September and October have been put on the school website. Any further events will be added to the website and put in newsletters.

Wednesday 7th Friends’ meeting at the Ladybrook, 8pm.
Friday 9th 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain – wear red, white and blue to school.
This is a national campaign where children donate £1 and the funds go to support
the work of the ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Royal Air Force benevolent fund
and The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.
Wednesday 14th Childline workshops for Y6
Friday 16th Craft Fair in the Infant School hall 7-9pm, organised by the Friends of Nevill Road.
Tuesday 20th Parents’ evening 4-6pm
Wednesday 21st Childline workshops for Y5
Thursday 22nd Parents’ evening 4-7pm
Friday 23rd Finish for half term at 3:20pm

Attendance and office times
Please remember that school starts at 8:50am with registers closing at 9am. Any child who arrives after 9am will have that session marked as an “unauthorised absence” and this WILL impact on their overall attendance figure for the term. The office staff work from 8:30am until 4pm (3:30pm on a Friday) and there is an answerphone at all other times so that you can leave a message regarding any absences.

Year 6
Some of you may already be aware that Mrs Sheldrake will be going on maternity leave at February half term. We would like to pass on our congratulations to her.
I am in the process of recruiting a teacher to start in January, working alongside Mrs Sheldrake for that half term, who will then stay with the class until the end of the summer term.
If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact me, however I can assure you that we will do everything possible to ensure a smooth transition for the children and that they continue to receive a high standard of education.

Please note that applications for places at secondary school need to be made by 31st October.
These need to be made online at

Friends of Nevill Road Schools
Many thanks to the Friends’ for organising Sunday’s duck race. It was lovely to see so many people there.
The first meeting of this term will take place on Wednesday 7th October at 8pm in the Ladybrook.
The next event that has been organised is a craft fair on Friday 16th October from 7-9pm in the Infant School hall.

Certificates were awarded to the following children in yesterday’s good work assembly:

Y6E – Erin G for writing an extremely vivid description of the Dreamgiver and using a variety of vocabulary.
Y6E – Abaigeal for working hard to edit and improve her writing and for learning from her mistakes.
Y6S – Toby for putting so much effort into his English homework.
Y6S – Olivia for always listening well and showing respect.
Y6W – Jake for working hard all week to be more independent and thinking carefully about his learning.
Y6W – Sam for the best piece of homework that Miss Wilson has ever seen! It was inventive and original.
Y5C – Keanna for working hard in maths, especially in groupwork activities.
Y5C – Isabella R for some superb descriptive writing in English.
Y5EP – Jade L for her progression in maths when counting forwards and backwards in powers of 10.
Y5EP – Amie for her progression in maths when counting forwards and backwards.
Y5L – Connor for being polite, having wonderful manners and being extremely well behaved.
Y5L – Isabelle D for writing a fantastic character description about Alex Rider.
Y4Ha – Josh G for concentrating hard and persevering in maths.
Y4Ha – Ellie for giving her best and persevering in maths.
Y4Hu – Rebecca for insightful and well considered contributions in guided reading.
Y4Hu – Freddie for excellent bartering skills when trading like in the early civilisations.
Y4P – Lara for her hard work and perseverance in maths, always having a smile on her face and trying her best no matter what the challenge.
Y4P – Daniel for his impressive subtraction skills when using the column method.
Y3D – Lewis for working incredibly hard in maths and solving challenging calculations.
Y3D – Katy for an amazing character description about her superhero.
Y3K – Mia for always trying her hardest and being a pleasure to teach.
Y3K – Rayyan for reading his book beautifully to Mr Kinnear.
Y3R – Samuel for always trying hard in maths and not giving up when it gets difficult.
Y3R – Emily for using good adjectives in her writing and always working hard.

We do encourage the children to bring in any awards or achievements from outside school to share with us in assembly. So if there are any man of the match trophies, swimming/dance/judo certificates or other sporting or musical awards, please feel free to bring them in on a Monday.

Congratulations to classes 3D and 6W who both had 99.2% attendance for the week beginning
21st September.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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