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Newsletter 34

28th June 2016
Dear Parents/Carers,

Staff update
As promised last week, I am now able to inform you about staffing for next year.

The Year 3 team will continue to be made up of Mr Kinnear, Miss Dean and Mrs Rutherford.
Mrs Humphreys will still lead the Year 4 team and she will be joined by Miss Whittle, who is returning to class, and another teacher who we are in the process of recruiting. I will let parents know who this is as soon as the interview process has been completed.

Mrs Pratt (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Jordan (Thursday & Friday) will continue to teach one class in Year 5. The second class will be taught by Mrs Lamont (Monday & Tuesday) and Mrs Watts (Wednesday-Friday), who is returning from her maternity leave; while the third class will be taught by Mrs Sheldrake, who is also returning from maternity leave, from Monday to Thursday with Mrs Dale teaching on a Friday.
In Year 6, Miss Wilson and Mr Elias will be joined by Miss Paterson, who has now joined the school on a permanent contract.

Mrs Marshall, Mrs Hindle and Mrs Dale will be in school on Wednesdays and Thursdays, covering teachers’ management and PPA time.

Miss Harris has secured a teaching post in Flixton and we wish her well in her future career.

Teachers will be spending time with their new classes from 4th – 12th July and children will find out which class they are in on Friday 1st July.

Dates for your diary:
Please find below advance notice of dates for your diary. These will be added to as the term progresses and you can find details here or on the website at

Wednesday 29th – Choir trip to the Halle a.m.; Year 6 Trip to Stockport Plaza p.m.
Thursday 30th – Year 5 trip to Weaver Hall; Stockport Academy transition day.

Friday 1st – Year 5 trip to Weaver Hall; Non-uniform day – bring unused toys or gifts for the summer fair;
“Send a child to school” awareness day

Monday 4th – Transition starts; Year 5 ACE day at Bramhall High School
Thursday 7th – Bramhall High School transition day for Year 6
Friday 8th – non-uniform day – bring bottles/cakes for the summer fair; Summer Fair @ 4.30 pm

Tuesday 12th – last day of transition
Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th – Year 6 Residential to Glaramara

Monday 18th – Music Concert (to be confirmed)
Wednesday 20th – Year 6 play to parents afternoon and evening (times to be confirmed)
Friday, 22nd – Sports Day @ 9.30 am

Wednesday 27th – Leavers’ assembly 2:30pm; school closes for the summer holidays at 3:20pm.
School reopens on Monday 5th September.

Dinner Monies
Unfortunately we are still owed over £1000 in dinner monies. It is vital that these are cleared as a matter of urgency and no later than this Friday, as we need to start work on the new system to ensure that it is up and running by September. Under the new system all meals have to be paid for in advance. If they are not then the company will not provide a meal for your child. You may only owe a few pounds as an individual but these few pounds mount up and our budget cannot sustain such a large outstanding amount.

Please note that the Office staff are following my instructions to send the numerous reminders and individual letters asking for these debts to be cleared. Whilst I appreciate that there are times when some may disagree with the school policy, there are no circumstances whatsoever where aggressive and threatening behaviour towards my staff is deemed acceptable. If you need to speak to me or Mrs Jordan then please make an appointment.

The following children received certificates in assembly yesterday:

Y6E – Erin for showing great talent during swimming.
Y6E – Sophia for settling in so well in her new class and already being a great example for the rest of the school.
Y6S – Lucas for having a great attitude towards his work.
Y6S – Bryony for trying so hard when writing her own newspaper report.
Y6W – Rory for showing excellent skills when swimming.
Y6W – Matthew for his endless enthusiastic attitude; always being willing to have a go; and always smiling!
Y5EP – Bella for explaining why their boat moved the fastest in a science experiment about forces.
Y5EP – Scott for explaining why their boat moved the fastest in a science experiment about forces.
Y5L – Miles for a beautiful piece of art work with a lot of detail.
Y5L – Harry for imaginative and dramatic art work.
Y4Ha – Tyler for producing a creative, original and inspiring piece of art based on Noah’s Ark.
Y4Ha – Niall for always having a positive attitude towards his learning.
Y4Hu – Gabriel for being a kind, caring and loyal friend.
Y4Hu – Anya for beautiful art work.
Y4P – Archie for always having a smile on his face and having a fantastic attitude to learning.
Y4P – Paige for an amazing oil pastel drawing of butterflies from Noah’s Ark.
Y3D – the whole class for their wonderful behaviour on the trip to Macclesfield Forest and excellent work in all the team building activities.
Y3K – Nathan for wonderful writing and some careful art work inspired by Noah’s Ark.
Y3K – All of 3K for wonderful enthusiasm, super listening and looking after each other at Macclesfield Forest.
Y3R – the whole class for excellent behaviour and all participating during the activities on their school trip.

Congratulations to class Y6S who had 77.4% attendance last week – this was out of 80% due to being closed on Thursday.

Attendance and office times
Please remember that school starts at 8:50am with registers closing at 9am. Any child who arrives after 9am will have that session marked as an “unauthorised absence” and this WILL impact on their overall attendance figure for the term. The office staff work from 8:30am until 4pm (3:30pm on a Friday) and there is an answerphone at all other times so that you can leave a message regarding any absences.

Leave of Absence
Please remember that any requests for leave of absence should be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the start date. Leave of absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

Friends of Nevill Road – dates of events

Friday, 8th July – Summer Fair @ 4.30 pm

Best wishes,
Miss Sheila Harrison


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