Newsletter week beginning 27/01/14

Dear Parents/Carers,

The following children received certificates in assembly today:

Y6H – Hugo for fantastic writing of balanced arguments in Literacy.
Y6H – Holly N for being a really supportive partner when working in pairs in Literacy.
Y6R – David for his improved handwriting, trying hard in every lesson to keep his work neat.
Y6R – Kaitlyn for always trying hard and never giving up even when the activity is difficult.
Y5C – Hannah for trying hard and being a good friend to others.
Y5C – Seny for always working hard in class and having a super attitude.
Y5K – Liam for proving that effort and determination lead to achievement! Well done in your Maths test.
Y5K – Beth for showing true resilience and a determined attitude in Maths.
Y5W – Ben G for really persevering with his literacy and taking the initiative to try new things.
Y5W – Charlie for contributing so well all week, showing great concentration and working extremely hard.
Y4J – Sully for persevering with a challenge and trying really hard to edit and improve his writing.
Y4J – Erin G for a positive attitude to all aspects of learning.
Y4P – Joel for showing real resilience in maths whilst problem solving.
Y4P – Nat for doing some fantastic work on exploring the Arctic and Antarctica and being so enthusiastic about our explorers topic.
Y4W – Ella H for a very informative report about penguins. It was fun to read and had all the required features.
Y4W – Thomas P for persevering with a maths challenge based on addition methods.
Y3LW – Annabel for being a model pupil, who works hard, always listens and makes right choices.
Y3LW – Matthew for including wow words and different types of punctuation in his writing.
Y3M – Reece for using great vocabulary in his writing.
Y3M – Ellie B for trying so hard with her reading and really improving.
Y3P – Maryam for trying hard and succeeding in Maths.
Y3P – Che for his excellent research of a rainforest animal in ICT and topic.

Well done to classes Y4W and Y5W who had 100% attendance last week.
If your child is not in school for any reason, please phone the school office to let us know. The answer machine is on from 4:00pm until 8:30am so it is always possible to leave a message.

Congratulations to the following children who have received House Point certificates:
Y3M: Makinde (100), Adam (100), Connor S (100), Cece (100) and Jake RC (100)
Y3P: James (200) and Kian (200)
Y4J: Will (100), Freya (100), Aliyah (100) and Hannah R (100)
Y4P: Harleigh (200)
Y6H: Olivia (200), Katie (300) and Billy (300).

Friends’ of Nevill Road meeting
The Friends’ AGM is on Wednesday, 5th February at 7pm in the Junior School.

Sainsburys – Active Kids
Active Kids Vouchers will be available from Sainsbury’s stores and petrol stations commencing Wednesday, 29th January. We will be collecting these vouchers and collection boxes will be placed in the School Reception area.

Thought of the Week
“I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run toward it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet.”
Nadia Comaneci, Romanian gymnast, winner of 5 gold medals at two Olympic Games and the first female gymnast to be awarded a perfect 10.

I can accept a challenge and be prepared to have a go at it.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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