Newsletter week beginning 26/01/15

Dear Parents/Carers,

Incidents in the neighbouring areas
Hopefully your child brought home a note on Friday regarding the incidents near schools in the surrounding area that have been reported in various news sources.
We will continue to remain vigilant ourselves and will continue to work on “stranger danger” and “keeping safe” with the children.
If there are any changes to pick up arrangements for your child, please make sure that you let us know – either direct to the class teacher in the morning or by phoning the school office during the day. We never let children go with parents of friends without prior notice and I have reminded those children who walk to and from school unsupervised (predominantly Year 6) that they should not be doing so singly, but should really try to walk with a friend or group of friends. In addition we have emphasised that any concerns must be shared with an adult so that appropriate action can be taken.

Free Arts Award Explore Course
Stockport Libraries are running a free Arts Award Explore course for children aged 8-13, which started on Monday 19th January 2015 for 8 weeks at Stockport Central Library. There is a limit of 15 places but the organisers would like to promote it as widely as possible to make more children aware and give them the chance to take part. Due to some cancellations there are spaces still available and it is not too late to join – anyone who joins by week 3 can easily catch up. The 2nd session (today) will be with artist Karen Allerton, who will be visiting again in March. There will also be sessions on music, felting and other arts topics.
Please contact, or call 0161 474 2515 if you need more details.

Second hand school uniform
The Friends’ of Nevill Road will be running a second hand school uniform sale in the Infant school hall on Friday 6th February between 3:15pm and 4:30pm.

Early departure from school
The school day does not end until 3:20pm, however I noticed on Friday that there were quite a few children who were being collected from school before this time. Despite what the children may say, lessons continue until 3:15pm Monday-Thursday and until 2:50pm on a Friday, which is when a 25 minute “Golden Time” begins.
If your child needs to attend an appointment please let us know as soon as possible and please try to arrange them for after the end of the school day.
Any requests for leave of absence should be submitted within 4 weeks of the start of the proposed leave of absence; however these may only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

January: Tuesday 27th – Year 5 to visit Bramhall High School’s performance of Bugsy Malone

February: Tuesday 10th – Safer Internet Day – “Let’s create a better Internet together”
Friday 13th – close for half term at 3:20pm
Monday 23rd – reopen after half term at 8:50am

March: Friday 6th – dressing up for World Book Day – further details to follow
Friday 13th – dress in red for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day
Tuesday 31st – parents’ evening 4-6pm

April: Wednesday 1st – parents’ evening 4-7pm
Thursday 2nd – close for Easter at 3:20pm

The following children were awarded certificates in assembly today:

Y6R – Isaac for excellent teamwork in developing a sequence in gymnastics.
Y6R – Lauren for thorough assessment of evidence and excellent inference about life as a Viking.
Y6S – Eren for fantastic, engaging story writing.
Y6S – Evie for perseverance when finding equivalent fractions in Maths.
Y6W – Liam for thinking carefully about his targets in Literacy and working hard to up his level and improve his writing.
Y6W – Ruby for consistently working to the best of her ability in Maths, never giving up and always trying to follow the correct methods.
Y5C – Evie for some excellent peer assessment in topic – helping another child and being really positive.
Y5C – Lucy for an excellent write up of a science experiment on shadows.
Y5L – Johnny for a great newspaper report on aliens invading Earth.
Y5L – Erin G for always working hard and being such a good role model to others.
Y5P – Sophia C for setting a good example to the rest of the class and working hard to keep a tidy classroom.
Y5P – Rory for his hard work in topic and science and for always wanting to share what he has discovered about Space.
Y4H – Jake for his mature and dedicated attitude to his learning, always working hard and giving his best.
Y4H – Ben for good geographical knowledge in locating different countries around the world.
Y4K – Eamon for excellent contributions to lessons on solids, liquids and gases using his enquiry skills
Y4K – Bella for taking pride in the presentation of her work.
Y4S – Ramaé for his constant smile and winning attitude.
Y4S – Annabel for her willingness to lend a helping hand.
Y3L – Kailey for trying really hard to use punctuation within her writing.
Y3L – Joshua H for being resilient in topic work and not giving up.
Y3LW – Rebecca for her super speech work in English.
Y3LW – Natasha for her excellent understanding during guided reading sessions.
Y3M – William for showing great interest and enthusiasm in science and topic work and for taking his learning beyond the classroom.
Y3M – Tom for trying hard, listening carefully and making the right choices.

Congratulations to classes Y5C and Y6S who had the highest attendance last week with 98.6%.
Please remember to inform the school office if your child is absent for any reason. The staff are there from 8:30am until 4pm, with the answerphone being switched on at all other times.

House Point certificates
This year we will be awarding certificates every time a child receives 100 house points.
This week the following children have received certificates:
Y3LW: Charlotte, Abigail, Thomas, Mia T, Archie, Kamryn and Ahmed
Y4S: Connor and Matthew Y4H: Lola, Caity and Ethan
Y5P: Nat, Amy B, Sophia C, Harry and Levi Y5L: Chris

School office hours
Please note that staff work in the school office from 8:30am until 4pm (Monday-Thursday) or 3:30pm (Friday). The answer machine is on during the times that the office is unmanned as teachers are busy preparing in their classrooms before school, and marking work or in staff meetings after school. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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