Newsletter week beginning 25/11/13

Dear Parents/Carers,

The following children received certificates in assembly today:

Y6H – Korush for good contributions to our Science lessons; his points and questions have been thoughtfully considered.
Y6H – Billy for having a mature attitude in the classroom and always being ready and eager to learn.
Y6R – Kaitlyn for always being a good friend, playing nicely and treating everybody with respect.
Y6R – Libby for trying hard to make the right choices in and outside the classroom.
Y5C – Cody for singing so well in our music lessons.
Y5C – Regan for making a great effort to improve the presentation of her work.
Y5K – Daniel for excellent work in numeracy and settling in so well in his first week at Nevill Road.
Y5K – Lily for being helpful in class and application to all her work this week.
Y5W – Oliwia for always working as hard as she can, giving 100% in everything she does and showing fantastic concentration at all times.
Y5W – Anezka for creating a fantastic beast and hero for her Greek myth and making a real effort to follow the success criteria.
Y4J – Amy M for a fantastic first draft of her description of the beast. Well done.
Y4J – Matthew for persevering and overcoming the challenges he faced in Maths.
Y4P – Nat for writing a fantastic explanation of how a switch works in a circuit.
Y4P – Cholila for doing a fantastic paired sequence using balances on two body parts.
Y4W – Isaac for consistently being kind to the other children in the class.
Y4W – Alex for a great repeating pattern design for an Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.
Y3LW – Thomas for listening well and being able to answer questions from a text.
Y3LW – Harvey for following instructions and independent learning.
Y3M – Connor for being a kind and caring member of the class.
Y3M – Jake for making thoughtful contributions to discussions during Anti-bullying week.
Y3P – Eddie for his excellent contributions during class discussions on anti-bullying.
Y3P – Milky for displaying an excellent gymnastic sequence.

Congratulations to the following children who have already earned house points this term:
Kian Y3P (100) Lucy Y3P (100)
Keanna Y3P (100) Luke Y3P (100)
Sienna Y3P (100) Eamon Y3P (100)
Erin Y4P (100) Jake Y4P (100)
Jack Y4P (200) Catherine Y4P (200)
Joe Y4P (300) Erin G Y4J (100)
Katie Y4J (100) Anthony Y4J (100)
Olivia Bk Y4W (100) Sinem Y4W (100)
Hud Y4W (100) Olivia By Y4W (100)
Amelie Y4W (100) Christopher Y4W (100)
Ella Y4W (100) Ben Y4W (100)
Nicholas Y4W (100) Eva Y5W (100)
James Y5W (100) Summer Y5W (100)
Sophie Y5W (100) Aidan Y6H (100)
Daniel Y6H (100) Corey Y6H (100)
Olivia Y6H (100) Billy Y6H (200)
Holly Y6H (200) Josh Y6H (300)

Well done to class Y6H who had 99.2% attendance last week.
If your child is not in school for any reason, please phone the school office to let us know. The answer machine is on from 4:00pm until 8:30am so it is always possible to leave a message.

Good as New Uniform Sale
Friends will once again be holding a Good as New Uniform Sale at the Christmas Fair. A box is in the Reception area – all donations are welcome. Thank you.

Year 6 Maths competition
Good luck to our team of 4 Year 6 mathematicians who are taking part in the next round of the problem solving competition this week, on Wednesday 27th November.

Thank you to all those who attended the eSafety session in school this morning. I hope that you found it a valuable experience.
As part of our continued focus on improving the safety of your children, newsletters will no longer contain the full names of children in school. There are parents/carers in school who do not wish their children’s details to be shared on the website so all surnames will now be left off.
In addition I need to inform you that there was an incident with a dog at the start of the school day on Friday. May I remind you that dogs are not permitted on the school grounds at any time and ask that they are left at home when collecting the children.

Next 2 weeks’ dates
Monday 25th – 9:15-10:15am – e-safety event in the school hall.
Friday 29th – non-uniform day – please donate bottles for the Christmas Fair bottle stall.
Friday 29th – the Christmas Fair will start at 5pm. We will be using both the Infant and Junior schools.
Monday 2nd – choir concert rehearsal from 1pm at St. George’s church.
Monday 2nd – Stockport Schools’ Carol Concert at St. George’s church, starting at 7:30pm.
Thursday 5th – Year 5s trip to Bramall Hall

Mr. Kinnear
I am pleased to inform you that Mr Kinnear’s wife gave birth to a boy, Sam, on Wednesday 20th November. Both mum and baby are doing well and Mr Kinnear will now be on paternity leave until Thursday
5th December. Mr Waterhouse will continue to cover his class until his return.

Leftover cake tins
There are still some unclaimed cake tins and boxes from donations that were made to the Halloween disco. If you think they belong to you please collect them from reception.

Christmas Card posting box
The post-boxes will be out from Monday 2nd December. If you wish to send cards to other children in school, please make sure that their first name and last name/initials are on the front of the envelope plus the class that they are in e.g. Jane Smith Y4X or Peter B Y6Z.
The Year 6 children will empty the post-boxes at lunch time and deliver the cards to the classrooms.

Thought for the Week
I can try my hardest and not give up, even if I find something difficult

Christmas Fair
Don’t forget the Christmas Fair this Friday, 29th November.
It starts at 5pm and will run until about 7pm. There is hot food and mulled wine available, along with a range of stalls in both the Infant and Junior School halls. The choir will be singing around the Christmas tree in the Infant hall at 5:30pm.
We hope to see you there.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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