Newsletter week beginning 23/03/15

Dear Parents/Carers,

Year 3 Residential
The Year 3 teachers will be informing parents as to which group their child is in this week. Please contact Mrs Watts if you have any queries.

Year 5 play
The Year 5s will hold their play performances on Wednesday 25th March at 2:15pm and 7pm.
Due to the growing numbers in school we will now have to put a restriction on numbers for performances in the hall (Health & Safety and Fire regulations), therefore children will be limited to 2 tickets for each performance. A message will be put on the website later tomorrow if there are any spare tickets. These will be available on a first come first served basis from Mrs Lamb after school tomorrow, Tuesday 24th March.

After Easter we will be starting to use Parentmail as a form of communication. This means that you will be able to receive newsletters electronically either by email or to the APP that is available for phones. Details of how to sign up to this will be sent out soon. Our long term aim is to send all letters and forms in this manner, although if you do not wish to sign up to it then you will still receive hard copies.

Missing Scooter
A blue scooter has gone missing from the bike racks on Friday. If anyone finds a scooter, please let either Infants or Junior Reception know.

Code of conduct
Last week the Infant school relaunched their code of conduct with the children, with the major focus being on the children telling an adult if something (or someone) is worrying them and always telling the truth.
I agree with Mrs Marshall that both of these are crucial life skills for children and it is an ethos that I wish to develop in the Junior school too. We will be having a focus on this after the Easter break and would really appreciate your help working on these areas with the children.

Children’s worries can grow and cause long term issues if they do not share them. Adults obviously include you at home and if your child is sharing school related worries at home we do want to know about these and to work with you to solve them. If something is a major issue for a child it is not trivial.

Often children do not like the idea of being in trouble for doing something wrong or for “telling on their friends” and many find it difficult to own up/share when things go wrong. The messages we will be giving children are that, although we may not be happy with something that they have done, it will become a bigger issue if they do not tell the truth about it.
Further details will follow after Easter but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Year 6 Residential
As a reminder, final payment for Glaramara is due on Friday, 22nd May 2015.

Wednesday 25th – Year 5 play at 2:15pm and 7pm
Tuesday 31st – parents’ evening 4-6pm

Wednesday 1st – parents’ evening 4-7pm
Thursday 2nd – close for Easter at 3:20pm
Monday 20th – reopen for the Summer term at 8:50am

The following children were awarded certificates in assembly today:

Y5C – AJ for his all-round brilliant general knowledge.
Y5C – Jasmine B for making excellent progress with her reading and reading aloud so confidently.
Y5L – Olivia B’k for being enthusiastic and ready for a challenge in maths.
Y5L – Robert for amazing confidence and brilliant singing.
Y5P – Amy B’k for always working well in groups and developing her own understanding as well as others in the class.
Y5P – Olivia B for always presenting her work neatly and with extreme care.
Y4H – Sienna L for a beautifully presented advert for the Roman army.
Y4H – Fin for his enthusiasm and having loads of ideas when trying to persuade someone to join the Roman army.
Y4K – Amy for making super contributions to class and group discussions.
Y4K – Sofia for a fantastic diary entry detailing a day in the life of a Roman soldier.
Y4S – Kyle for being so enthusiastic during all lessons and making super progress in phonics.
Y4S – Sophia for working very hard in English and producing a great persuasive piece of writing.
Y3L – Lily for putting 100% effort into her writing and presentation.
Y3L – Dillan for showing great determination for improving his writing.
Y3LW – Adam for his fantastic work in maths; and showing resilience when faced with challenges.
Y3LW – Natasha for her super report on the rainforest layers. Her writing was well thought out and interesting for the reader.
Y3M – Cleo for showing good skills in tennis.
Y3M – Wade for trying hard to make the right choices in class and an excellent effort in swimming.

Year 6 are on a school trip today which is why no certificates were handed out.

House Point certificates
This year we will be awarding certificates every time a child receives 100 house points.
This week the following children have received certificates:
Y4H: Harry, Jessica, Cece, Michael, Owen and Olivia

Class attendance
Well done to Mr Elias’ class, Y5P, for having the best attendance last week with 98.5%.
Attendance still seems to be down at present. Please remember to contact the school office if your child will not be in school. Staff work there from 8:30am until 4pm (Monday-Thursday) or 3:30pm (Friday). There is an answerphone for when the staff are not there and if you leave a message we will get back to you.

Parents’ evenings
Letters have gone out to make appointments to meet with your child’s teacher about their progress in school. If you are unable to make an appointment for next Tuesday or Wednesday please speak to the teachers concerned to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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