Newsletter week beginning 22/01/2015

Dear Parents/Carers,

June: Thursday 25th – whole school taking part in the Skip4life challenge afternoon
Friday 26th – School Sports Day (morning)

July: Thursday 2nd – Y6 induction day at Bramhall High School
Friday 3rd – Friends’ of Nevill Road Summer Fair 4pm
Thursday 9th – school music concert 7pm – details to follow
Friday 10th – end of year reports to go out
Wednesday 15th – Year 6 residential to the Lake District
Wednesday 22nd – Year 6 play to parents, times probably 2pm & 7pm
Friday 24th – Leavers’ assembly 2:30pm
– school closes for the summer 3:20pm

Any further events will be added to newsletters and on the school website.

Hot Dinners
As we approach the end of the school year it is important that our accounts are up to date. With this in mind, we are currently owed £964.25 for dinners. Could I please ask that all arrears are cleared as a matter of urgency. There is too much Admin time being taken up chasing these arrears, so may I remind you that hot dinners are to be paid for in advance on Monday mornings.

In addition a new dinner menu starts this week and will be put on the website during the course of the week. In the meantime if you would like a paper copy, please pick one up from the School Office. This week the kitchen will be following the menu for week 3.

Please remember that school starts at 8:50am with registers closing at 9am. Any child who arrives after 9am will have that session marked as an “unauthorised absence” and this WILL impact on their overall attendance figure for the term. The office staff work from 8:30am until 4pm (3:30pm on a Friday) and there is an answerphone at all other times so that you can leave a message regarding any absences.

Skipping Ropes
Skipping ropes will be available to buy from the School Office until Friday, 26th June 2015.

Certificates were awarded to the following children in yesterday’s assembly:

Y6R – Jack for trying hard to improve his writing in English lessons.
Y6R – Ella for good participation during singing sessions.
Y6S –Niyah for learning her lines for the Year 6 play and working hard in rehearsals.
Y6S – James for showing kindness on the playground to younger children.
Y6W – Regan for her superb effort rehearsing the play.
Y6W – Callum for his effort during rehearsals, putting everything into it and enjoying himself.
Y5C – Sinem for a brilliant skipping session last Monday.
Y5C – Joe for consistently working hard in maths.
Y5L – Tom for working very hard in English and showing great progress.
Y5L – Joel for working very hard on his Pirate writing task at Bramhall High School.
Y5P –Amy B for writing an excellent and vivid description of a pirate’s life during the visit to Bramhall High School.
Y5P – Scarlett for excellent work with fractions and decimals and showing fantastic progress in a short period of time.
Y4H – Jessica for always working hard and being enthusiastic towards her learning.
Y4H – Caity for a fantastic sketch, in Art, in the style of Guiseppe Arcimboldo.
Y4K – Izzy B for making a super contribution to class discussions.
Y4K – Ellie for her energy, hard work and making excellent contributions to lessons.
Y4S – Isobel W for creating a fantastic portrait made out of fruit.
Y4S – Adeeka for creating a car game on Scratch.
Y3L – Kailey for producing a fantastic piece of writing.
Y3L – Lily D for her great determination in lessons and bringing lots of interesting ideas to the class.
Y3LW – Kamryn for her fantastic division work in maths.
Y3LW – Jack for his excellent writing in English.
Y3M – Tilly for working so cooperatively and successfully with Charlie on making an Eiffel Tower model.
Y3M – Charlie for working so cooperatively and successfully with Tilly on making an Eiffel Tower model.

Congratulations to Mr Elias’ class, Y5P, who had the best attendance last week with 100%.

The following children have been awarded certificates for earning another 100 house points:
Y4H: Olivia W, Jake, Sienna L, Caity, Harry C and Kian
Y5P: Hannah J
Y5L: Aliyah, Olivia B, Lucas, Erin D, Isaac, Bryony, Toby, Ella and Jake H

Miss Roberts recently organised a Science competition to make a “habitat hotel”.
Congratulations to the following children who received certificates:
Y3: Kaiden, Logan, Gabriel and Holly W
Y4: Harry C, Connor B, Caity, Jake R-C and Abigail S
Y5: Joe R
The overall winner was Joe R (Y5L) – well done 

Best wishes,
Miss Sheila Harrison


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