Newsletter week beginning 21/09/2015

Newsletter 4
22nd September 2015
Dear Parents/Carers,

All dates for September and October have been put on the school website. Any further events will be added to the website and put in newsletters.

Friday 25th Non-uniform day – £1 donations for Macmillan Cancer Care;
Coffee morning at the Infant school in aid of Macmillan, organised by the Friends
of Nevill Road.
Sunday 27th Friends of Nevill Road Duck Race in Bramhall Park from 1pm – please buy a duck!!
Tuesday 29th Y6 height and weight screening

Friday 9th 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain – wear red, white and blue to school.
This is a national campaign where children donate £1 and the funds go to support
the work of the ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, the Royal Air Force benevolent fund
and The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.
Wednesday 14th Childline workshops for Y6
Tuesday 20th Parents’ evening 4-6pm
Wednesday 21st Childline workshops for Y5
Thursday 22nd Parents’ evening 4-7pm
Friday 23rd Finish for half term at 3:20pm

Attendance and office times
Please remember that school starts at 8:50am with registers closing at 9am. Any child who arrives after 9am will have that session marked as an “unauthorised absence” and this WILL impact on their overall attendance figure for the term. The office staff work from 8:30am until 4pm (3:30pm on a Friday) and there is an answerphone at all other times so that you can leave a message regarding any absences.

Healthy eating
We are trying to promote a culture of healthy eating and would ask that parents encourage their children to bring healthy snacks into school. In addition we would request that sweets are not sent in for birthdays.

Summer reading challenge
Congratulations to all children who completed the Summer Reading Challenge run by the local libraries.
I have received an email from Bramhall library saying how much they enjoyed reading with the children and I know that some children also completed the challenge at Stockport library.
Special mentions go to:
Year 3: Olivia S, Emily D
Year 4: Katie B, Logan A, Eleanor J
Year 5: Lucy B, Ellie B, Natalie D, Jade F, Isabella R

There are still issues with parking around school and I am aware of recent occasions where drivers have parked on double yellow lines, without due care for those around them. We will pass any issues on to the Community Police and would ask people to observe the Highway Code and show consideration for others.

Playground fencing
The work to replace the low level fencing around the playground and adjacent to the newly refurbished road will begin in mid-October. Until such time please take care as there are places where the top panels have come away. I am still waiting for the contractor to contact me regarding the repairs to the main playground. I will keep you updated through the usual channels.

Simply Books
Simply Books in Bramhall are celebrating their 13th birthday at the shop next Saturday, 26th September with a ‘Let’s Get Colouring Day’ for all the family. There’ll be a complimentary glass of bubbly for grown ups and something chocolatey to go with it and there will be a 13% discount on everything bought or ordered on the day.

Certificates were awarded to the following children in yesterday’s good work assembly:

Y6E – Ben K for always showing fantastic effort in his writing and creating some excellent ideas with his stories.
Y6E – Olivia B for working extremely hard with everything she does and putting together a very detailed Tree of Life for the evolution topic.
Y6S – Carla for working to her best ability in every lesson and being a pleasure to teach.
Y6S – Lucy for fantastic explaining in maths.
Y6W – Jasmine S for writing an amazing story opening which had the key features of the text type.
Y6W – Amelia for consistent hard work and trying her best with everything she does.
Y5C – Patrick for making a big effort to finish his work on time.
Y5C – Natalie for always being polite and having a smile on her face.
Y5EP – Scott for great investigative work in science.
Y5EP – Saba for great enthusiasm for all activities and setting a great example to others.
Y5L – Kira for trying so hard in all lessons and writing great sentences with amazing punctuation.
Y5L – Che for always producing lovely, neat work and giving 100% in everything he does.
Y4Ha – Ellie for producing an exceptional character description which had an excellent extended simile.
Y4Ha – Tyler for being a superstar – working so hard with his work and behaviour.
Y4Hu – Ryan for fantastic drawing of Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Y4Hu – Momodu for showing perseverance and resilience in swimming.
Y4P – Rene for producing some excellent work in English whilst exploring character description.
Y4P – Charlie A for always being polite and ready to learn and a joy to teach.
Y3D – Mia for being an excellent lead learner in maths, helping others if they were unsure by explaining how to solve the problems.
Y3D – Freddie for always putting 100% effort into everything he does and being a joy to teach.
Y3K – Sebastien for working incredibly hard in English and maths.
Y3K – Olivia for being so happy, hardworking and helpful and a pleasure to teach.
Y3R – Rowan for having a great attitude towards school and making the right choices.
Y3R – Lola for being a helpful and polite member of the class.

We do encourage the children to bring in any awards or achievements from outside school to share with us in assembly. So if there are any man of the match trophies, swimming/dance/judo certificates or other sporting or musical awards, please feel free to bring them in on a Monday.

Congratulations to classes 3D and 5EP who both had 100% attendance for the week beginning
7th September.

Issues or concerns
We hope that you and your children are happy with school but we know that there are occasions when issues or concerns arise.
Please speak to your child’s class teacher first. If further action is required then contact the SENCO or phase leader, before the deputy or head.
We look forward to working with you and your children throughout the course of this year.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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