Newsletter week beginning 19/01/15

Dear Parents/Carers,

DVDS of the Christmas concerts and plays
Thank you to everyone who ordered DVDs from the Christmas concerts and plays. I understand from a couple of parents that they have been formatted so that they only play on a computer. If you would like a version that plays on a DVD player/games console please return the original to school with a note stating that you would like a different version. Our IT support will organise to produce them as soon as possible and we will then send them out to you.

Football training for Years 5 and 6
Now that the evenings are lighter it should be possible to resume football training after school on Tuesdays for Years 5 and 6. Should you require further details, or if your child did not attend before Christmas, please contact Mr Lane. The first session will be held on Tuesday 27th January 2015 providing the ground is not too hard due to frost. Please note that any child who attends MUST wear shin pads. If they do not have them then they will not be allowed to take part in the training session.

Healthy Lifestyle survey
Thank you to those parents who have already completed and returned this survey. We would be grateful if all responses could be in by this Friday, 23rd January so that we can collate the results and draw up a plan to move forward.

School Uniform
I have notice that there are quite a few items starting to be worn that are not school uniform.
During the wetter months I have no problem with children wearing boots to get to school or bringing trainers to wear at playtime, however whilst in school children need to be wearing black shoes (as stated in the school prospectus which is available on the website) and these should be brought to change into.
In addition long hair should be tied back out of the way and jewellery is not permitted, apart from small stud earrings if children have their ears pierced, a watch and any item that is worn due to religious beliefs.

Sickness absence
Unfortunately at this time of year we always have to contend with a variety of bugs doing the rounds.
If your child is off sick please let us know as soon as possible. We have a duty to know where the children on our roll are so if we have not heard from you we will contact you to find out. We never assume that a child is still off sick and ask that you contact school on each day of the sickness absence.

January: Monday 26th – Friends’ meeting at 3:30pm in the Junior school
(repeat of meeting 14/01/15)
Tuesday 27th – Year 5 to visit Bramhall High School’s performance of Bugsy Malone
February: Tuesday 10th – Safer Internet Day – “Let’s create a better Internet together”
Friday 13th – close for half term at 3:20pm
Monday 23rd – reopen after half term at 8:50am
March: Tuesday 31st – parents’ evening 4-6pm
April: Wednesday 1st – parents’ evening 4-7pm
Thursday 2nd – close for Easter at 3:20pm

The following children were awarded certificates in assembly today:

Y6R – Eva for her attitude towards her learning especially in maths and for always persevering this term.
Y6R – Summer for showing much more resilience in maths.
Y6S – Shana for concentrating in maths lessons and showing resilience.
Y6S – Kyle for working hard in English lessons to improve his writing.
Y6W – Hannah for always being an absolute pleasure to teach and working to the very best of her ability.
Y6W – Grace for her hard work and perseverance in maths.
Y5C – Nathan for getting full marks in his last three spelling tests.
Y5C – Cholila for always giving 100% in the badminton sessions.
Y5L – Sophia S for always trying her very best in maths and helping others in the class.
Y5L – Amelia W for trying very hard in swimming and showing lots of improvement.
Y5P – Jake K for working very hard with his reading and showing good improvement.
Y5P – Olivia B for always trying her best, improving her work and helping others around her.
Y4H – Amie for thorough research and presentation of information about earthquakes.
Y4H – Phoebe for always trying to use impressive vocabulary when writing.
Y4K – Jamilla for showing such pride in her wonderful writing.
Y4K – Che for working so hard in English and Topic lessons and always being determined to do his best.
Y4S – Matthew for writing a brilliant explanation about earthquakes.
Y4S – Maizee for working so hard during maths and having the confidence to work independently.
Y3L – Holly R for always trying her best in everything she does and being a great role model to others.
Y3L – Ethan M for trying extra hard in English this week, particularly with his content and handwriting.
Y3LW – Archie for his super attitude in maths – he loves a challenge and never gives up.
Y3LW – Mod for his super work in English writing detailed sentences using a variety of conjunctions.
Y3M – Esme for being kind and helpful towards others.
Y3M – Adam for working hard to produce an interesting fact file on Croodaceous Creatures.

Congratulations to class Y6S who had the highest attendance last week with 100%.
Please remember to inform the school office if your child is absent for any reason. The staff are there from 8:30am until 4pm, with the answerphone being switched on at all other times.

House Point certificates
This year we will be awarding certificates every time a child receives 100 house points.
This week the following children have received certificates:
Y4S: Ramaé, Abigail, Maizee and William
Y4H: Jessica, Michael, Connor S, Harrison and Thomas
Y6S: Daniel McC, Daniel W and Freya

School office hours
Please note that staff work in the school office from 8:30am until 4pm (Monday-Thursday) or 3:30pm (Friday). The answer machine is on during the times that the office is unmanned as teachers are busy preparing in their classrooms before school, and marking work or in staff meetings after school. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Best wishes,
Miss Sheila Harrison


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