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Newsletter 11
17th November 2014

Dear Parents/Carers,

You will be aware that we have not had a crossing patrol on North Park Road for some time. The council are currently looking for a new person to take on the role – we will keep you informed of how this progresses.
There have been a number of incidents around parking last week and we are very concerned about safety at the beginning and end of the day. Due to parking close to the school gates a Reception child was nearly knocked off their bike even though they were on the pavement. PLEASE DO NOT ENDANGER CHILDREN’S LIVES BY PARKING HERE OR OPPOSITE THE ZIG ZAG LINES ON NORTH PARK ROAD.
The Police and Traffic Wardens will be supporting us with this.
We ask the children to work with us to keep themselves safe (see below) – behaving in a safe way around school. We ask parents to lead by example to park safely (and with consideration to residents) to ensure that everyone is able to be safe on their way to school as well as in it. Children’s safety is a priority at all times.
School Code of Conduct
Linking in with the paragraph above, our final right is “to be safe” with the associated responsibility of “to take care”.
We cover different kinds of safety throughout our curriculum including amongst others:
-taking care with electricity in science
-the use and effects of drugs and alcohol in PSHE
-personal safety in PSHE, including fire safety, keeping safe in the dark, stranger danger
-safe use of the Internet and different forms of communication (phone, internet, email, social media) in PSHE and IT
-First Aid training for our Year 6 children
-road safety when cycling for our Year 5 children
It is vital that the messages we give in school are reinforced at home and in the wider community.
We appreciate your support with this and hope that you will lead by example and put the safety of all as a priority.

School Dinners 24th-28th November
Thank you for returning your orders for next week when our kitchen is closed. The children will be provided with the packed lunch that they have selected, which will be made off site and brought into school each day.
Please remember that we will have no kitchen facilities that week so it is vital that any child who brings a packed lunch from home remembers it – we will be unable to provide an alternative and will have to contact parents to bring something in for your child to eat.

Good as New Uniform Sale
Friends will once again be holding a Good as New Uniform Sale at the Christmas Fair. A box is in the Reception area – all donations are welcome. Thank you.

Events/key dates this term:
Monday 17th – Friday 21st – anti-bullying week – celebrating disability and difference
Friday 21st – non-uniform – bring an unopened, unwanted, unwrapped gift for the stall at the Christmas fair
Wednesday, 26th – Year 6 parents meeting re Glaramara Residential Trip – 6.00pm
Thursday 27th – Year 5 Thanksgiving Celebration presentation to parents at 2:45pm.
Friday 28th – non-uniform – bring donations of bottles for the Christmas fair stall
Friday 28th – Christmas Fair 5pm-7:30pm
Monday 1st – choir taking part in the Stockport Schools’ Carol Concert at St George’s church 7:30pm
Friday 5th – Year 4 classes to visit the Christmas Story Trail at Hazel Grove Baptist Church
Friday 5th – Year 6 parent assembly at 9:05am.
Friday 12th – this is National Christmas Jumper Day  If children wish to wear a Christmas jumper with their school uniform they may do so. However, it is optional so please do not rush out to purchase anything just for this day.
Wednesday 17th – 9am Year 3 Christmas concert to parents
Wednesday 17th – Year 4 Christmas play to parents – times to be confirmed but likely to be 2pm and 7pm
Friday 19th – Christmas party day; close for the holidays at 3:20pm

The following children were awarded certificates in assembly today:

Y6 – all of Miss Roberts’ Literacy set for the work that was produced over the last week. Every single one of the group has worked hard, listened well, participated in the lessons and been a pleasure to teach.
Y6R – Asa for his improved written work in Literacy – trying hard to include a higher level of vocabulary.
Y6R – Faith for always working hard, listening well and being an absolute delight to teach.
Y6S – Anezka for working hard as part of a team during a Science investigation.
Y6S – Charlie for fantastic use of vocabulary in a “Spooks” story.
Y6W – Matthew for working so hard all week to achieve his targets, stay on task and make good choices.
Y6W – Eleanor for always giving 100% and working to the best of her ability.
Y5C – Ella for writing an acrostic poem about Remembrance Day.
Y5C – Cholila for being enthusiastic in games and PE.
Y5L – Louie for an amazing attitude in school and wonderful manners.
Y5L – Suzi for fantastic homework on a persuasive poster.
Y5P – Amy M for always doing what she is asked to do and setting a good example to the rest of the class.
Y5P – Sam P for some excellent ideas and insightful comments during guided reading and working well with others.
Y4H – Ethan for trying to make his sentences interesting by using ambitious words.
Y4H – Michael for good explanations in Science.
Y4K – Lewis for super sentences when describing bonfire night.
Y4K – Bella for taking great pride in the presentation of her work.
Y4S – Adam for using personification in his bonfire setting description.
Y4S – Abigail for always being helpful and caring and being a pleasure to have in the class.
Y3L – Jessica for always being ready to learn and for always trying her best.
Y3L – Joshua for listening carefully to instructions and making the right choices.
Y3LW – Thomas for his well-structured and clear instructions informing the reader on how to make a poppy.
Y3LW – Holly for being such a kind and caring member of the class and always coming to school with a big smile.
Y3M – Adam for being kind, helpful and supportive to another child.
Y3M – Daniel for still trying hard to do everything whilst his arm was in a cast and never giving up.

Congratulations to class Y3LW who had the highest attendance last week with 98.3%.
Please remember to inform the school office if your child is absent for any reason. The staff are there from 8:30am until 4pm, with the answerphone being switched on at all other times.

House Point certificates
This year we will be awarding certificates every time a child receives 100 house points.
This week the following children have received certificates:
Y3LW: Emily, Lucy, Daisy and James
Y4H: Keanna, Lola and Ethan

School office hours
Please note that staff work in the school office from 8:30am until 4pm (Monday-Thursday) or 3:30pm (Friday). The answer machine is on during the times that the office is unmanned as teachers are busy preparing in their classrooms before school, and marking work or in staff meetings after school. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Please note that band will now take place on a Friday lunchtime. We hope that this will encourage more children to attend.
Please contact Miss Wilson or Mrs Humphreys for more information.

Year 5 & 6 football on a Tuesday
Due to the fact that it is now getting dark quite early, tomorrow’s session will be the last one until further notice. Thank you to all those who have attended this term and well done to those who have represented the school at matches.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came to the parent’s evening last week. If you have not been able to speak with your child’s class teacher, please arrange an appointment with them at the earliest opportunity. As always, if you have any issues or concerns with school, please contact either your child’s phase leader or myself.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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