Newsletter week beginning 16/12/13

Dear Parents/Carers,

The following children received certificates in assembly today:
Y6H – Harry for a fantastic description of a storm, which included very effective personification.
Y6H – Toro for writing thorough and clear conclusions when investigating in Science.
Y6R – Josh C for working hard during Maths lessons.
Y6R – Oliver F for being kind and helpful in the classroom when we were making gas mask boxes.
Y5C – Kyle for working hard in Literacy and finishing a task ahead of time.
Y5C – Faith for being polite and helpful in the classroom.
Y5K – Ella for showing kindness and true Christmas spirit in her concern for others.
Y5K – Dominic for showing perseverance and a determined attitude when faced with tricky maths problems.
Y5W – Henry for his fantastic knowledge and research on the Tudors with the rest of the class and for being so enthusiastic about the Tudor topic work.
Y5W – Ellie for consistently being polite and helpful, always taking part and giving 100%.
Y4J – Claudia for always trying her best with everything she does and being a fantastic narrator in the Christmas production.
Y4J – Anthony for being an extremely supportive and caring member of the class and encouraging others when needed.
Y4P – Cholila for always being one of the first people ready to learn this week.
Y4P – Jake K for making a real effort to get on with his work independently and impressing with his writing.
Y4W – AJ for a fascinating and informative talk on fossils.
Y4W – Olivia Bk for being helpful and polite at all times.
Y3LW – Thomas for a super piece of mythical writing, describing the “13th” labour of Hercules.
Y3LW – Phoebe for trying really hard with her Maths work and keeping going when it is challenging.
Y3M – Izzy C for being so polite and helpful at all times.
Y3M – Jake for great investigative work into problems and resolutions of Greek myths.
Y3P – Sophia for being polite and helpful in the classroom.
Y3P – Che for creating interesting designs using a range of lines in Art.

Congratulations to the following children who have already earned house points this term:
Y3M: 100 points – Ryan, Isobel W, Izzy C, Connor B,
Isabelle D and Harry.
Y3P: 100 points – Faye 200 points – Abigail.
Y4P: 400 points – Levi

Well done to class Y6R who had 99.2% attendance last week.
If your child is not in school for any reason, please phone the school office to let us know. The answer machine is on from 4:00pm until 8:30am so it is always possible to leave a message.

School Dinners:
Please clear all arrears by 19th December as new system starts on 6th January. Cost of dinners to increase to £2.00 with effect from 6th January. If you wish to pay for half term in advance = £70.00

Key 103 Mission Christmas
Thank you so much for all the donations of presents for children who would not otherwise receive any at Christmas. People have been extremely generous. Congratulations to the winners of the poster competition, who will receive a prize from Mrs Dale. They are: Emma, Y3P; Hannah, Y4W; Georgia, Y5W; and Megan, Y5K.

Village Square Bramhall, Mosaic Competition
Congratulations to Jessica (Y5W), Katie (Y4J) and Caity (Y3P) who have had their designs selected to be made into permanent mosaics in the New Year.
Thank you to all those who took part. The organisers said that they were very impressed with the high standard of the entries.

Year 6 Residential – deposit due today. Copy letters handed to children today who have not yet paid deposit.

Books from the Library
We have some fantastic new books in the Library, funded by the Friends’ of Nevill Road Schools, and I know that the children are enjoying being able to take them out to read. This week children will be encouraged to return their current books and take new ones to read over the Christmas holidays.
However, could I ask that everyone tries hard to find any outstanding books, as we still have more than 40 that are missing? Mrs Lane and Mrs Jordan will let the children know if they still have an outstanding book from the system. Thank you.

Dog fouling
I have been informed that there is problem with dog fouling around the block outside school. If anyone wishes to report a problem please contact the Dog Warden Service online or by phoning 0161 474 4207. If you witness someone allowing their dog to foul it is also possible to send information in by text to 07624 805662.

Staff changes from January
In January we welcome Mrs Watts back from her maternity leave. She will be in school Wednesdays-Fridays in a job share role in Year 3 with Mrs Lamont. Many thanks to Miss Styan for covering the last few weeks of this term in the class.
Mrs Pratt has now successfully completed her Newly Qualified Teacher year and will be staying in school on a permanent basis. As Mrs Stewardson has accepted a permanent post at another school, Miss Styan will now be in Mrs Pratt’s class on a Wednesday afternoon.
Mr Cardwell has been called for Jury Service in January so Mr Waterhouse will be covering the class for the first 2 weeks of term.
Unfortunately Mrs Clark, who has been based in Year 6 this year, has made the extremely difficult decision to retire at the end of this term. She has been at Nevill Road for over 20 years and I know she will be missed by both staff and pupils alike. We wish her well and hope that she enjoys spending time with her grandchild.

I have noticed that there have been rather a lot of trainers and jewellery appearing in school recently. While children are welcome to walk to school in boots and trainers, especially at this time of year, I would ask that you ensure that they bring a pair of black shoes to school to change into. In addition the only jewellery that should be worn is a watch, a small pair of stud earrings if children have pierced ears and any jewellery of religious or medical significance, e.g. a cross or an emergency information bracelet/locket.

Dates for the rest of term
Monday 16th – Year 4 play to parents/carers at 2:15pm and 7pm.

Tuesday 17th – Year 6 trip to Stockport Air-raid Shelters.
Tuesday 17th – Year 3 concert to parents/carers – recorders and songs – at 9:30am and 2:30pm.

Wednesday 18th – House reward – children in Montague house may come to school in their own clothes today and will watch a film in the morning.
Wednesday 18th – short music concert to the school at 2:30pm – recorders, choir, band and musical groups.

Thursday 19th – School Talent Show followed by Christmas Lunch. Children may wear a Christmas hat to school today.

Friday 20th – party day!! Children may attend school in their own clothes and may bring a toy with them.
Parties will be in the afternoon – half the time in the classroom and the other half having a disco in the hall.
Children will have their lunch as normal but may bring an additional small snack for their party in the afternoon. As we have a number of children in school who have severe nut allergies, please do not send in any snacks that contain nuts.

Friday 20th – school closes for Christmas. We reopen on Monday 6th January 2014.

With best wishes for a very enjoyable Christmas and a peaceful New Year,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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