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Newsletter 2
13th September 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Celebration and achievement assembly
This year we are holding our “Celebration and achievement” assembly on a Friday morning. We still love to see what the children have achieved outside school so please bring in certificates, trophies and medals to share with us.
Certificates were presented last Friday to:

Y6E – Izzy C for always having a big smile on her face, wanting to help around the classroom and showing pride in her work.
Y6E – Luke H for his fantastic contributions in class, showing excellent knowledge and listening skills and being a great role model.
Y6P – Abi for making a fantastic start to Year 6, working maturely and independently.
Y6P – Sienna H-B for creating a wonderful sketch of the Bayeux Tapestry using a range of shading techniques.
Y6W – Saba for producing beautiful work all week, making Miss Wilson very proud.
Y6W – Connor for his constant smiley face, enthusiasm and contributions in lessons.
Y5JP – Jacob for fantastic perseverance and great team work when working on time zones.
Y5JP – Cara for working well as part of a team and always being ready to learn.
Y5LW – Eleanor for working really hard with her partner during a science lesson where the children were asked to make a solar system.
Y5LW – Toby for working really hard with his partner during a science lesson where the children were asked to make a solar system.
Y5SD – Anya for always listening well and trying hard to answer questions.
Y5SD – Kaiden for working hard in every lesson and giving great answers to questions about learning.
Y4Ha – Cole for his excellent contribution during the Ancient Greece discussion.
Y4Ha – Lily for her amazing place value work in maths and her positive attitude in class.
Y4Hu – Luca for excellent explanations in maths and a fabulous start to Year 4.
Y4Hu – Atrisa for a wonderful self-portrait, getting the proportions of her features just right.
Y4W – Neve for a very good and carefully drawn self-portrait that really looks like her.
Y4W – Morgan for a beautifully presented piece of topic work featuring questions about the Ancient Greeks.
Y3D – Lola P for an amazing, confident start to the Juniors. Lola has put 110% effort into every lesson and should be very proud of herself.
Y3D – Tom S for excellent maths, partitioning 4-digit numbers and comparing them, and really challenging himself.
Y3K – Amelia for making such a happy and hardworking start to her time in the Junior school.
Y3K – Sam G for fantastic maths, and for making a really positive start to his time in the Junior school.
Y3R – Elliot for his fantastic knowledge on forces, being able to talk confidently about pushes, pulls and friction.
Y3R – Lola B for her concentration in lessons and her hardworking attitude.

Congratulations to Y4Ha who had 100% attendance for last week. 11 out of the 12 classes had an attendance figure of greater than 97% which is a fantastic start to the year 

Friends’ Duck Race
The annual Duck Race takes place in Bramhall Park on Sunday 25th September.
Volunteers are still needed to help out so if you are able to do so please let the Friends know.
Further details will follow.

Harvest assembly
We will be holding Harvest Festival assemblies in school for the children on Wednesday 28th September. This year we are supporting The Wellspring (Stockport), a resource centre for homeless and disadvantaged people, and are asking children and families to donate food for The Wellspring Harvest Collection. The ‘wish list’ for donations for this collection is displayed in each classroom.
More information about The Wellspring can be found at
If you are able to donate please bring this into school on Wednesday 28th September. Thank you.

Secondary open days
Applications for secondary school places need to be completed online by October 31st 2016 and I will pass on any dates of open evenings/days that come to me.
Tours at Bramhall High School during the school day – Tuesday 27th September.
Bramhall High School open evening – Thursday 29th September.
Stockport Grammar School open mornings – Saturdays 17th September & 12th November, both 10am-12noon

Hot Dinners
The new dinner system is up and running and I am delighted that nearly all children who are using it are ordering their dinners at home. By doing this each child is guaranteed their choice of meal and you are able to ensure that they are having a balanced diet across each week.
Please ensure that you have ordered your child’s dinners by 9:15am in the morning as any child arriving in the dinner hall without a pre-order will only be able to have a baked potato & filling.
It is possible to order for a whole week at a time and only meals that are taken will be paid for. Our caterers, Dolce, and the Live Kitchen, who run the systems, will handle all payments. I understand that if you chose to pay by direct debit there is an option to either pay the school or pay the caterer. Please ensure that you opt to pay the caterer.

If you have not yet downloaded our ParentApp please do try to. We send all communications via this and all letters are also uploaded onto it. The App runs on most phones and is free to download from the App store. Search for “Nevill Road Schools”.

Year 6 walking home and mobile phones
There are still some children in Year 6 who have not returned permission slips for walking home unaccompanied. If you wish your child to walk home unaccompanied at the end of the day, please complete the details below and return it as soon as possible to the class teacher.
In addition we understand that if your child is walking home you will want them to have their phone with them. If these children do bring a phone in, it must be switched off and handed in to Mr Elias at the start of the day. The phones will then be stored securely during the day and returned at home time.
Only children who have permission to walk unaccompanied should have a mobile phone in school.

My child _____________________________ is in Year 6E / 6P / 6W (please indicate your child’s class)

I give permission for them to walk home unaccompanied at the end of the school day.
They will/will not be bringing a mobile phone to school with them.

Signed ________________________________________ Parent/Guardian

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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