Newsletter week beginning 11/05/2015


Newsletter 31
11th May 2015
Dear Parents/Carers,

May: Monday 11th – Year 6 SATs tests start
Thursday 14th – Year 6 SATs test end
Friday 22nd – close for half term at 3:20pm
June: Monday 8th – school reopens
Monday 15th – whole school skipping day
Tuesday 16th – Year 3 to Chester Zoo
Thursday 25th – whole school taking part in the Skip4life challenge afternoon
Friday 26th – School Sports Day (morning)

July: Friday 3rd – Friends’ of Nevill Road Summer Fair 4pm
Friday 10th – end of year reports to go out
Wednesday 15th – Year 6 residential to the Lake District
Wednesday 22nd – Year 6 play to parents, times probably 2pm & 7pm
Friday 24th – Leavers’ assembly 2:30pm
– school closes for the summer 3:20pm

Any further events will be added to newsletters and on the school website.

Term dates for 2015-2016
Term dates for the next academic year have been sent out and are on the school website.
Please note that Easter falls within the Spring term – we are in for 4 days after Easter Monday before breaking up for the holidays, so please be careful if booking a holiday for that time.

Please remember that school starts at 8:50am with registers closing at 9am. Any child who arrives after 9am will have that session marked as an “unauthorised absence” and this WILL impact on their overall attendance figure for the term. The office staff work from 8:30am until 4pm (3:30pm on a Friday) and there is an answerphone at all other times so that you can leave a message regarding any absences.

Lost scooter
A girl’s pink micro-scooter has gone missing from the bike racks between the Infant and Junior schools.
If you find it please return to the Junior school office.

Year 6 SATs
Good luck to all of Year 6 who are sitting their end of Key Stage 2 Assessments this week.
We know that the children have all worked very hard and are sure that they will do their very best and show their abilities in the tests.
If there are any issues with sickness or getting to school on time please phone the office at the earliest opportunity.

A letter will be going out tonight asking parents to opt out of Parentmail if they do not wish to register.

Well done to the children in Years 4 & 5 who took part in the Bikeability Training. Certificates and badges will be given out this week.

Continued overleaf …………………

The following children received certificates in assembly last Wednesday.
There will be no certificates this week as assemblies will be held in classes due to the Year 6 SATs in the school hall.

Y6R – Kian for consistently focusing in English lessons and using all feedback given to develop his work.
Y6R – Henry for his mature hard working attitude in all lessons.
Y6S – Dominic for always using his manners and being helpful.
Y6S – Daniel W for always trying to use new words in his writing to make it better.
Y6W – Jessica for her continued hard work and focus in all lessons, even when finding something tricky.
Y6W – Sol (6R) for his fantastic effort in Miss Wilson’s English lessons.
Y5C – Finley for producing an excellent research project on China.
Y5C – Ella R for solving a really difficult Sudoku puzzle in Maths.
Y5L – Louie W for working well in a group teaching others how to do sentences.
Y5L – Harleigh for lovely presentation of all her work.
Y5P – Jasmine S for always setting a good example to the rest of the class & showing she is ready to learn.
Y5P – Yasmin for her excellent homework and presentation about China.
Y4H – Thomas B for a fantastic piece of descriptive writing which included ambitious vocabulary and varied openers.
Y4H – Harry C for great strategies and skills when problem solving in Maths.
Y4K – Bethany for always being willing to challenge herself by tackling harder work in Maths.
Y4K – Luke McC for having a positive attitude towards his learning and making a great contribution to lessons.
Y4S – James R for using a variety of sentence openers and adjectives in his writing.
Y4S – Elle for being a kind and thoughtful friend.
Y3L – Jessica for producing a fantastic leaflet using persuasive language.
Y3L – James for having a great attitude towards writing.
Y3LW – Madison for her super persuasive Laches Wood leaflet.
Y3LW – Rebecca for her great problem solving skills in Maths.
Y3M – Grace for working cooperatively to produce an informative PowerPoint about Laches Wood.
Y3M – Erin for working cooperatively to produce an informative PowerPoint about Laches Wood.

House point certificates
Congratulations to the following children who received certificates for 100 House Points:
Y4H: Ben, Shawan, Harry C, Freddie and Phoebe
Y4S: Isobel W, Connor B and Callum

Class attendance
Congratulations to Mrs Sheldrake’s class, Y6S, who had the best attendance for the week beginning
27th April with 100%.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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