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Newsletter 17
12th January 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find below advance notice of dates for your diary. These will be added to as the term progresses and you can find details here or on the website at

Dates for your diary:
Wednesday 13th – Dog Safety assembly
– swimming restarts for Year 3
Wednesday 20th – The Mill Youth Centre assembly for years 5 and 6
Friday 22nd – Year 3 Stone Age day
Tuesday 9th – Safer Internet Day
Friday 12th – finish for half term at 3:20pm
Monday 22nd – school reopens at 8:50am
Wednesday 2nd – last swimming session for Year 3
Wednesday 9th – swimming starts for Year 5
Friday 18th – Year 4 to visit the Easter story trail at Bramhall Methodist Church*
(change of date)
Friday 18th – Sport Relief Day
Monday 21st – Year 4 trip to Chester
Wednesday 23rd – basketball assembly
Friday 25th – school closed – Good Friday
Monday 28th – school closed – Easter Monday
Tuesday 29th – Parents’ evening 4-6pm
Wednesday 30th – no swimming for Year 5
Thursday 31st – Parents’ evening 4-7pm

School closes for the holidays at 3:20pm on Friday 1st April and reopens on Monday 18th April.

Parental Control APP
Information has been passed to me regarding a free parental control app which allows you to control and block the internet and applications on individual devices in your home, teaching children proper devise use and responsibility. It is called OurPact and the parental control solution gives parents the ability to manage their child’s screen time throughout the day. Parents can enforce bedtime, set dinnertime, manage study time and schedule family time throughout the day. By syncing your family’s iPads, iPhones and iPods to OurPact you have the power to manage your entire family’s screen time and device use under one platform.

OurPact can:
– Block children’s Internet across all synced devices
– Block children’s Apps across all synced Devices
– Schedule Internet and App use according to your child’s daily routine or parental restrictions
– Enforce Bedtime, Dinnertime, Study Time and Family Time
– Create custom schedules for any activity or time frame
– Block Internet and Apps at-a-touch
– Allow Website and App access, whenever you feel your child “needs more time”
– Block All 3rd Party Apps: Block Facebook, Block SnapChat, Block Instagram, Block Twitter, etc.

The following children received certificates in assembly yesterday:

Y6E – Harleigh for showing fantastic writing skills and building an atmosphere whilst including realistic dialogue.
Y6E – Ben K for continued effort in maths to extend his learning, always having a great attitude and trying his best.
Y6S – Louie S for working hard to improve his writing.
Y6S – Joe R for being able to pick up new learning for fractions quickly and explain it to others.
Y6W – Amelia W for working hard to write independently and sharing her ideas with others.
Y6W – Thomas G for his fantastic efforts improving his writing, including handwriting.
Y5C – Adeeka for settling back into school so quickly.
Y5C – Owen for always being willing to answer questions and for being an enthusiastic learner.
Y5EP – Lewis for trying really hard in everything he does and writing some super sentences to describe his alien.
Y5EP – Bella for generating some fantastic adjectives to describe her alien and trying hard in everything she does.
Y5L – Reece for fantastic work on adjectives in English.
Y5L – Isabelle D for wonderful work on extended sentences, adjectives and openers.
Y4Ha – Lena for showing a great attitude towards her learning and making a brilliant start to the new term.
Y4Ha – Joshua McI for a great first week back showing engagement and independent work.
Y4Hu – Freddie for writing fantastic riddles containing similes and metaphors.
Y4Hu – Harvey for being a good friend and including others in his games when they are in need of friendship.
Y4P – Thomas K for showcasing some impressive skills whilst creating riddles during English.
Y4P – Charlie for making an excellent start to the spring term, showing a really mature attitude towards his learning.
Y3D – Fred for his hard work and determination with challenging mental additions.
Y3D – Holly for working really hard in English. Holly has shown that she is very determined to produce amazing descriptive sentences for Stone Age characters.
Y3K – Michael for a fantastic start to the new school term.
Y3K – Maddison for hard work and showing a great attitude towards learning.
Y3R – Isla for creating a fantastic sequence in dance to show how a caveman catches his food.
Y3R – Zac for trying hard this week to listen and follow instructions.

Congratulations to class Y6E who had 99% attendance last week.

Attendance and office times
Please remember that school starts at 8:50am with registers closing at 9am. Any child who arrives after 9am will have that session marked as an “unauthorised absence” and this WILL impact on their overall attendance figure for the term. The office staff work from 8:30am until 4pm (3:30pm on a Friday) and there is an answerphone at all other times so that you can leave a message regarding any absences.

Leave of Absence
Please remember that any requests for leave of absence should be made at least 2 weeks in advance of the start date. Leave of absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

Before Christmas some of our Year 6 children took part in a swimming gala at Cheadle swimming pool. Unfortunately we were unaware that it was meant to be for Years 4 and 5! However the children were allowed to take part and they worked hard as a team, enjoyed the experience and did very well.
Thanks to Mrs Marshall and Miss Davis for taking them.

Certificates go to:
Amelie, Ben K, Rory, Finley, Nick, Olivia B, Amy B and Ella H

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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