Newsletter week beginning 10/02/14

Dear Parents/Carers,

The following children received certificates in assembly today:

Y6H – Josh G for great concentration in ICT when creating, inputting and interrogating databases.
Y6H – Sam for fantastic drawing in Art.
Y6R – Emma for working extremely hard during Maths lessons. Emma’s confidence has grown and she is tackling the more challenging activities.
Y6R – Joe B for having a positive attitude towards school, always being prepared and working hard.
Y5C – Isaac for always trying his best and working hard until the job gets done.
Y5C – Freya for super RE work.
Y5K – Leo for his excellent attitude towards learning and every element of school life.
Y5K – Ruby for showing great pride in her excellent work.
Y5W – Sophie for really thinking carefully about what apartheid and justice mean and how important fairness is.
Y5W – Anezka for working so hard all week and writing a brilliant African story which really showed off her fantastic imagination.
Y4J – Evie for writing a fantastic description which included some amazing words, phrases and openers.
Y4J – Thomas Q for trying really hard to apply himself in all tasks this week.
Y4P – Faith for having a brilliant week last week when she showed an excellent attitude to her work and behaviour.
Y4P – Joe for writing a fantastic description of the African savannah that used some brilliant adjectives and connectives.
Y4W – Harry for writing a fantastic description of an African savannah.
Y4W – Thomas G for having a fantastic attitude towards his tasks in maths and literacy.
Y3LW – Phoebe for her excellent work in maths. She is always careful with her calculations and she always checks her work.
Y3LW – Amie for her excellent attitude to learning.
Y3M – Libby for doing a great job with her colour wheel mixing primary colours to make secondary colours.
Y3M – Cece for working hard to gather information for her report on a rainforest animal.
Y3P – Eddie for writing an excellent report about the rainforest layers.
Y3P – Kian for using great ambitious vocabulary when writing a report.

Well done to classes Y3LW and Y5W who had 100% attendance last week.
If your child is not in school for any reason, please phone the school office to let us know. The answer machine is on from 4:00pm until 8:30am so it is always possible to leave a message.

Congratulations to the following children who have received House Point certificates:
Y3M: Reece (100), Alissa (100), Ellie B (200), Ramae (100), Olivia W (100), Harris (100) and Lola (100).
Y3P: Abigail (200)
Y5W: James P (200), Asa (200) and Sophie (200)
Y6H: Aidan (200)
Y6R: Josh C (100), Oliver Re (200), Niamh O (200), Ellie (200), Sophie (200) and Harry (200)

Morning Registration – Late Arrivals
Please be aware that school opens at 8.50 am and registration closes at 9 am. Any child who arrives after
9 am will be marked in as Unauthorised. Late arrival at school disrupts the class and may adversely affect a child’s educational achievements. If a child is 5 minutes late for school every day they would have missed
19 days of Primary education. Educational Penalty Notices may be issued to parents of children who are persistently late, arriving after the close of registration.

Friends Committee
Following the Friends’ AGM the following positions were elected:

Treasurer – Elizabeth Owen (re-elected); Chair – Georgietta Roberts; Vice Chair – Rob Jowett;
50/50 Organiser – Catherine McCormack. The position of Secretary remains open. The new Officers will be in touch with parents soon to outline details of their plans for the remainder of the year.

Both the A and B teams played against Vernon Park Primary School last Tuesday. The A team lost 3-0, while the B team won 2-0. Congratulations to all who took part and many thanks to everyone who came to watch.

Parents’ evenings
Parents’ evenings will be on Monday 17th February, 4-6pm, and Thursday 20th February, 4-7pm.
Please note that dates will be arranged for both Mr Cardwell and Miss Whittle once they are back in school.

Sainsburys – Active Kids
Active Kids Vouchers are now available from Sainsbury’s stores and petrol stations. We are collecting these vouchers and collection boxes have been placed in the School Reception areas.

Car Parking
We remind people to please park sensibly and safely around school to ensure we avoid accidents.

There are a number of parents who are continuing to park unsafely and without thought to residents. The safety of all children needs to be paramount and to ensure that this happens, we have asked for help from the police and traffic wardens.

Lost Purse
A purse was found in the school playground a couple of weeks ago. If you have mislaid your purse please come to the School Office with details of the purse and contents. Thank you

Thought of the Week
This week we celebrate the achievements of our Winter Olympians – Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean who won gold 30 years ago with a perfect score; and Jenny Jones who won bronze yesterday to become Great Britain’s first ever Winter Olympic medalist in a snow sport.

I can work hard to achieve my goals.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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