Newsletter – week beginning 08/09/14

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we progress through the next couple of weeks I am sure that we will be addressing various issues which have been raised by the installation of the new classrooms!

Y3&4 Playground
I realise that the Year 3&4 playground has become somewhat congested at the start and end of each day and would like to thank those parents who have supported our request to stand a little further back, to enable the children to enter/exit the buildings more easily and safely. However the journey from the Infant school and Little Bears to the gates on North Park Road can still be fairly busy! With that in mind it has been suggested that parents may like to take the slightly longer, but emptier, route around the front of the Junior school and through the gates adjacent to the old mobiles and then across the playground to the gates at the back of school. The side gates will be open until 9:15am every morning and from 3pm every afternoon.

Duck Race
The annual Duck Race, organised by the Friends’ of the Nevill Road School will take place in Bramhall Park on Sunday 21st September. The warm-up will begin at 2pm, so that people can make any last minute purchases of ducks, with the race starting promptly at 2:30pm. Ducks cost £1 and will be on sale shortly. There are various prizes on offer, including one for last place and another for the most creatively named duck!! Look out for further information from the Friends’.

We are delighted to have Mrs Humphreys back in school following her operation and Mrs Eagle back after her maternity leave. We would also like to welcome Miss Lannon, Miss Smith and Mrs Sheldrake who have joined us this year in Years 3, 4 and 6 respectively. Mr Cardwell has begun a phased return to work following his absence and should be back full time from the end of September; in the meantime Mr Elias will continue to take responsibility for the class. Unfortunately Mrs Pratt is not able to return to school at present as she requires a further operation. The class will therefore continue to be taught by Mrs Eagle and Miss Walters.

As Mrs Jordan is now on Maternity Leave her roles and responsibilities have been shared out amongst senior staff for the 2 terms that she will be away. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance. Should further support or intervention be required the key person in each year group should be contacted. These are:
Year 3 – Mrs Lamont; Year 4 – Mr Kinnear; Year 5 – Mrs Lamb; Year 6 Mrs Sheldrake

At present Mr Kinnear is the phase leader for Years 3&4, and I am in the process of appointing a phase leader for Years 5&6. I will let you know who has been appointed at the start of next week. The phase leaders will take responsibility for any issues which cannot be resolved by the class teacher or key teacher for the year group, prior to passing anything on to me.

Midday staff
Due to members of the midday team taking up other jobs, we currently have vacancies for midday staff.
If you are interested in the posts please contact the school office for an application form.

Year 6 – Application for High School
It is time for Year 6 parents to indicate their preferred schools for their child in September 2015. Applications are to be made on the Council’s Online system and parents must apply to their Local Authority for a school place, even if the school is located outside the area. The deadline for application is
31st October 2014.

The following children were awarded certificates in assembly today:

Y6R – Isaac for showing a mature and sensible attitude to school and always being ready to learn.
Y6R – Sophie for joining in with class discussions, working hard and setting a good example.
Y6S – Alex for creating a very detailed mind-map for our topic on evolution and inheritance.
Y6S – Kyle for making a fantastic start to the new school year.
Y6W – Kian for working hard to get to know his new class, showing superb listening skills and working to the best of his ability.
Y6W – Ruby for sharing her fantastic knowledge of evolution and inheritance with the class and listening carefully to other people’s ideas.
Y5C – Ben K for modelling excellent behaviour and setting a good example to the rest of the class.
Y5C – Katie for fantastic work in Literacy and sharing some excellent ideas with the class.
Y5L – Nick for settling back into school life with a very mature attitude.
Y5L – Sophia S for working very hard and coming up with great sentences about Bramall Hall.
Y5P – Matthew for setting a great example for the class by behaving beautifully.
Y5P – Jasmine S for working hard on her leaflet about Bramall Hall.
Y4H – Beth for having a mature attitude, working hard and making a great start to Year 4.
Y4H – Jessica for enabling Mrs Humphreys to have an enjoyable start to the year by being willing to help (and offering help) with all sorts of jobs.
Y4K – Jack W for making a very positive start to his time in Year 4. Keep it up!
Y4K – Harvey for making a very positive start to his time in Year 4. Keep it up!
Y4S – Ramae for sharing lots of fun facts about the ancient Egyptians.
Y4S – Annabel for always being ready to listen and learn.
Y3L – James T for working hard all week and for identifying all seven continents in front of the class.
Y3L – Flynn for being kind, helpful and polite; and making a great start to the school year.
Y3LW – Joshua for his enthusiastic and happy attitude towards the new school year.
Y3LW – Madison for an excellent start to Year 3, always listening carefully and being ready to learn.
Y3M – Ryan for trying so hard with his presentation and producing neat handwriting.
Y3M – Lena for producing a beautiful piece of work introducing herself.

Events/key dates this half term:
Wednesday 10th – swimming starts for Year 4.
Wednesday 10th – Y5&6 information evening presented by Bramhall High School, 6:30-7:30pm in the hall
Monday 15th – APP grids available from class teachers
Wednesday 17th – Y4 trip to Manchester Museum
Friday 19th – year group information letters to be sent out
Sunday 21st – Friends’ Duck Race in Bramhall Park – warm-up 2pm, race starts 2:30pm
Wednesday 1st – Height and weight screening for Year 6 from 9:15am
Friday 3rd – Harvest assembly

Further details will be sent out nearer the time along with the dates of any additional events.

Michael Morpurgo event
Simply Books are hosting an event at The Plaza in Stockport on Thursday 25th September at 7pm where Michael Morpurgo will be speaking about his books, especially his latest one “Listen to the Moon”.
Tickets and further information is available from Simply Books on 0161 439 1436 or email

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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