Newsletter week beginning 07/10/13

Dear Parents/Carers,

The following children received certificates in assembly today:

Y6H – Niamh for carefully considered predictions and deductions about a plot in a short story.
Y6H – Joseph for a fantastic creepy short story.
Y6R – Tianna for writing a fantastic short story.
Y6R – Lucy for always taking care and being safe around school.
Y5C – Darragh for producing a great set of instructions on how to fix a puncture on a bicycle.
Y5C – Daniel for knowing what a trapezoidal shape is in Maths.
Y5K – Liam for his ongoing efforts to improve his concentration and for making good choices.
Y5K – Emma for being hard working, helpful and making a great contribution to lessons.
Y5W – Henry for writing a fantastic set of instructions on how to make a paper aeroplane.
Y5W – Eleanor for always being so sensible and taking such fantastic care of herself.
Y4J – Amy for a beautiful drawing of a Pharaoh.
Y4J – Tom for working hard at following instructions.
Y4P – Amy for always being safe and taking care of herself and others around school.
Y4P – Jack for doing a very accurate self assessment of his Victorian story and being an independent learner.
Y4W – Olivia for a fantastic story set during the Victorian times.
Y4W – Thomas for coming up with great ideas about how to play safely.
Y3LW – Sienna for always following instructions and being the first in class to earn 20 merit points.
Y3LW – Jessica for an excellent piece of descriptive writing, including the “super sentence” of the week.
Y3M – Harry for making a great start to the Juniors and always behaving in a sensible way.
Y3M – Isobel for trying very hard in English and producing great work about story settings.
Y3P – Emma for researching and creating an excellent fact book on Greece.
Y3P – Patrick for creating excellent sequences in Gymnastics.

Congratulations to William and Joshua in class Y6H who have both already earned 100 house points this term.

Well done to classes Y3M, Y4J and Y5W who all had 100% attendance last week.
If your child is not in school for any reason, please phone the school office to let us know. The answer machine is on from 4:00pm until 8:30am so it is always possible to leave a message.

High School Applications – Year 6
As a reminder, the deadline for submitting your child’s High School Application is 31st October 2013. You can apply on line at
The open evening at Bramhall High School is on Wednesday 16th October from 6.00pm to 9.00pm
Manchester Grammar School is holding open days on Monday 7th October from 4:30pm to 7:30pm.
Hillcrest Grammar School is holding open days on Saturday 12th October from 9:00am to 1:00pm and on Wednesday 13th November from 4:00pm to 6:30pm.
I will pass on any more details that I receive.

Thank you for all the offers of help to clean up school following the graffiti that was done on Thursday night. I would just like to say how sensible the children were in school on Friday, especially as they were clearly upset about what had happened. Thankfully it has all been cleared now and we can move on.

Parents’ evenings
These will be held on Monday 14th October 4:00-6:30pm and Tuesday 15th October 5-7pm. Please make sure that you have returned the slip to book an appointment to meet your child’s new teacher. If you are not able to make either of these dates, please try to arrange a mutually convenient time with the class teacher before we finish for half term on October 18th.

Cyber-bullying and e-safety
We are holding a workshop on cyber-bullying and e-safety on Monday 25th November from 9:15-10:15am.
There is still time to book places on this – we need to know numbers for refreshments and fire regulations. If you have mislaid the letter please contact the office for a replacement.

Data Collection Sheets
There are still quite a number of Data Collection Sheets that have not yet been returned. Could you please ensure that these are returned as soon as possible as it is important that we hold up to date information on our systems. Thank you.

Football team
Well done to the “A” team who put on a good display of team work and commitment in their first match, a friendly against Great Moor Junior School on Thursday 3rd October. Unfortunately they lost 2-0 but I’m sure the team will continue to develop and do well. Thanks to Mr Lane for coaching and organising it.
The “B” team have a friendly, also at home against Great Moor Junior School, on Tuesday 8th October with a 3:30pm kick-off.

School Council
Classes have now chosen their School Council representatives and I will be holding an initial meeting with them this week. The representatives are:
Y6H – Holly and Oscar
Y6R – Layla and Joe
Y5C – Rebecca and Daniel
Y5K – Beth and Connor
Y5W – Eva and James
Y4J – Freya and William
Y4P – Amy and Lucas
Y4W – Olivia and Christopher
Y3LW – Jade and James
Y3M – Beth and Adam
Y3P – Faye and James

Please note that both the Infant and Junior schools are closed on Friday 11th October for staff training.

Parent participation events
Teachers will be sending out letters about their class’ parent participation event. We do hope that you are able to come in and see what the children have been learning about this term.

Thought for the Week
I can be safe in the playground and can play safely.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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