Newsletter week beginning 03/03/2014

Dear Parents/Carers,

The following children received certificates in assembly today:

Y6H – Oliver Ro for having a willing and helpful attitude.
Y6H – Rory for great progress in Maths.
Y6R – Oliver F for working hard to make the right choices both inside and outside the classroom.
Y6R – Billy for working extremely hard during Maths lessons.
Y5C – Kyle for making a super effort with his behaviour for Mr Moyes, making all the right choices.
Y5C – Isaac for making a super effort at accurately drawing 3D shapes, working with interest and enthusiasm.
Y5K – Lily for working so determinedly to improve her writing.
Y5K – Kian for a much improved contribution to class and group discussions.
Y5W – Ben H for showing more confidence to speak up in class and making thoughtful contributions to lessons.
Y5W – James for using some great complex sentences in his work and thinking about how he can add subordinate clauses in different ways.
Y4J – Anthony for completing a fantastic piece of artwork.
Y4J – Erin G for a fantastic piece of artwork.
Y4P – Harleigh for showing a much more mature attitude in her work and really focussing on the challenges presented to her.
Y4P – Sam for always being such a helpful and positive member of the class.
Y4W – Yasmin for outstanding catching and throwing in basketball.
Y4W – Charlie for working really hard all week, always trying his best and setting a good example to others.
Y3LW – Callum for his excellent ideas for his Lonely Jaguar book.
Y3LW – Jade for her excellent attitude in school.
Y3M – Olivia W for drawing a fantastic bird for the rainforest role play area.
Y3M – Louis for showing interest in Science and taking his learning beyond the classroom.
Y3P – Ben for his superb non-chronological report of a rainforest.
Y3P – Jade for her excellent attitude to learning and the progress she has made.

Well done to class Y3P who had 99.3% attendance last week.
If your child is not in school for any reason, please phone the school office to let us know. The answer machine is on from 4:00pm until 8:30am so it is always possible to leave a message.

Congratulations to the following children who have received House Point certificates:
Y3LW: Adam, Amie, Annabel, Millie, Harrison, Harry, Harvey, Izzy, Jade, James, Jamilla, Jessica,
Michael, Phoebe, Scott, Sienna, Sofia and Thomas (200 each)
Y3M: Fin and Louis (100 each)
Y3P: Jade and Will (200 each); Ben and Luke H (300 each)
Y4J: George, Amelia C, Sam, Evie, Amy and Matthew (100 each)

Staffing changes
Mrs Keeling has joined us today on a permanent contract working as a Teaching Assistant across school.
Miss Nicholson and Mrs Lamb have also started with us today and will be here until the end of the summer term, working in Year 4.
As Mr Cardwell’s Jury Service has been extended again, Mrs Petzoldt will be teaching his class for the next 2 weeks.

Morning Registration – Late Arrivals
Please be aware that school opens at 8.50 am and registration closes at 9 am. Any child who arrives after
9 am will be marked in as Unauthorised. Late arrival at school disrupts the class and may adversely affect a child’s educational achievements. If a child is 5 minutes late for school every day they would have missed
19 days of Primary education. Educational Penalty Notices may be issued to parents of children who are persistently late, arriving after the close of registration.

The next football match is at home on Tuesday 4th March against Pownall Green. All supporters are very welcome.

Car Parking
We remind people to please park sensibly and safely around school to ensure we avoid accidents.

There are a number of parents who are continuing to park unsafely and without thought to residents. The safety of all children needs to be paramount and to ensure that this happens, we have asked for help from the police and traffic wardens.

There is a meeting on Tuesday 4th March at 9am in the Infant School hall to discuss the current issues around parking and safety, especially on North Park Road. If you are unable to attend but have concerns that you would like to share then please email them to me on

World Book Day
We will be holding our celebration of World Book day on Friday 7th March. Mr Kinnear has already sent out details about the range of activities to be undertaken on that day and we look forward to seeing people dressed up as various book characters.

Thought of the Week
I can always try to produce work of the highest standard.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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