Newsletter week beginning 02/12/13

Dear Parents/Carers,

The following children received certificates in assembly today:

Y6H – Corey for fantastic work on personification in Literacy.
Y6H – Sam for trying hard and not giving up, even when it is challenging.
Y6R – Reece for always trying hard and never giving up.
Y6R – Oliver R for his improved attitude and work in lessons.
Y5C – Hannah for consistently producing excellent work in Literacy.
Y5C – Sam for always trying his hardest in lessons and not giving up.
Y5K – Connor for expertise in the use of brackets and an excellent presentation as part of a lesson on Ancient Greek Mythology.
Y5K – Lewis for contribution to the gases science lesson and effort regarding the planning of his Ancient Greek myth.
Y5W – JJ for really persevering and taking his time with his work and making thoughtful contributions in lessons.
Y5W – Shana for making fantastic contributions in lessons, showing great concentration and trying her best at all times even if she finds something difficult.
Y4J – Rory for learning his lines and stepping into the role of his character in the Christmas play.
Y4J – Amelia C for trying really hard to improve her writing and writing a super beast description.
Y4P – Amy B for choreographing a fantastic dance for the Year 4 Christmas play.
Y4P – Jack for trying hard to remember his dance moves for the Christmas play.
Y4W – Yasmin for always working to the best of her ability: she is a wonderful example to others.
Y4W – Thomas G for a fantastic description of a beast he imagined himself. It was very scary!
Y3LW – Phoebe for being a great help getting ready for the Christmas Fair.
Y3LW – Sofia P for making a lovely 3D Christmas tree.
Y3M – Lola for trying hard with all her work and not giving up.
Y3M – Makinde for writing a good description of the mythical creature he created.
Y3P – Olivia G for writing an excellent review in a science experiment, of what different liquids do to teeth.
Y3P – Ethan for designing a superb “healthy teeth” poster in science.

Congratulations to the following children who have already earned house points this term:
Lucy Y3P (100) Che Y3P (100) Jade Y3P (100)
Patrick Y3P (100)
Amy Y3P (100) Amy B Y4J (100) Finley Y4J (100)
William Y4J (100)
Charlie Y5W (100) Asa Y5W (100) Adele Y5W (100)
Henry Y5W (100)
Ben Y5W (100) Oliwia Y5W (100) Ellie Y5W (100)
Eleanor Y5W (100)
Emma Y6R (100) Libby Y6R (100) Oliver F Y6R (100)
Oliver R Y6R (100)
David Y6R (100) Laurence Y6R (100) Natalie Y6R (100)
Matthew Y6R (100)
Kaitlyn Y6R (100) Niamh O Y6R (100) Jack Y6H (100)
Katy Y6H (200) Raphie Y6H (200) Alex Y6H (200)

Well done to class Y4W who had 100% attendance last week.
If your child is not in school for any reason, please phone the school office to let us know. The answer machine is on from 4:00pm until 8:30am so it is always possible to leave a message.

Christmas Fair
Thank you for the amazing turnout at Friday night’s Christmas Fair. It was lovely to see so many people in school. A huge thank you to all the people involved in setting it up and manning the stalls. We will let you know how much we raised as soon as possible.

Library Books
We have just received a delivery of £2000 worth of new books for our library. These have been paid for with money from the Friends’ of Nevill Road – thank you for your support. It will take us a little time to reorganise the library, as some of the colour bands on the books have changed, so please bear with us.
Unfortunately we have also had to throw out about a dozen books which have been ruined – pages torn out, covers ripped off, barcodes rubbed out and graffiti on pages. We would ask you to encourage children to treat the books with respect and to return them to the library in the correct state. Could I ask you please to also have a look around your homes for missing books? There are currently 45 books unaccounted for. Thank you.

Christmas Dinner
Reminder that the deadline for ordering Christmas Dinner is Thursday, 12th December. Those children who usually have school dinners will also need to order a Christmas Dinner. Any orders received after this date will be returned and a packed lunch will have to be brought in on the day. Slips are available from the School Office.

Key 103 Mission Christmas Cash for Kids Appeal
This year we are supporting Key 103’s Mission Christmas Cash for Kids appeal and have registered as a local drop-off point. We are kindly asking for donations of Christmas presents which will be given to children who are less fortunate than ourselves. If you would like to donate a toy please send it into school by Friday 13th December. Thank you for your support with this worthy cause.

Dates for the rest of term
Monday 2nd – choir concert rehearsal from 1pm at St. George’s church.
Monday 2nd – Stockport Schools’ Carol Concert at St. George’s church, starting at 7:30pm.
Thursday 5th – Year 5s trip to Bramall Hall

Monday 9th – the choir will be singing some carols at Hazel Grove swimming pool between 4pm and 6pm.
Friday 13th – Year 3 Greek Day – parents are welcome to drop in at any time throughout the day.

Monday 16th – Year 4 play to parents/carers at 2:15pm and 7pm.
Tuesday 17th – Year 6 trip to Stockport Air-raid Shelters.
Tuesday 17th – Year 3 concert to parents/carers – recorders and songs – at 9:30am and 2:30pm.
Wednesday 18th – short music concert to the school at 2:30pm – recorders, choir and band.
Parents of children in the band are welcome to attend. Please let the office know how many people are attending – no more than 2 people per family please as we are restricted on space and numbers.
Thursday 19th – School Talent Show followed by Christmas Lunch.
Friday 20th – party day!! Children may attend school in their own clothes and may bring a toy with them.
Parties will be in the afternoon – half the time in the classroom and the other half having a disco in the hall.
Friday 20th – school closes for Christmas. We reopen on Monday 6th January 2014.

Christmas Card posting box
The post-boxes will be out from Monday 2nd December. If you wish to send cards to other children in school, please make sure that their first name and last name/initials are on the front of the envelope plus the class that they are in e.g. Jane Smith Y4X or Peter B Y6Z. The Year 6 children will empty the post-boxes at lunch time and deliver the cards to the classrooms.

Stockport Bramhall Hockey Club is looking for new members. They train on the all weather pitch at Bramhall High School, near the recreation centre. Junior training for boys and girls aged 6 to 13 is on Wednesdays 6-7pm and Sundays 10-11.30am.
For more information email or phone 07516 298 889.

Thought for the Week
I can consider the feelings of others

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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