Newsletter week beginning 01/12/14

Dear Parents/Carers,

Christmas Fair
Many thanks to everyone who was involved in organising and setting up the Christmas Fair and to those of you who came along on the night. It was good to see the schools so busy.
We are in the process of purchasing iPads from the money that has already been raised by the Friends and your continued support in raising additional funds for the school is always much appreciated.

The issues around parking are not improving and we are monitoring the problem and keeping an incident log to report to the police and the council. We include some incident reporting forms with this newsletter if you want to use these to help us build up a picture of the problem – there will also be a supply of them available in the school office. If you see an incident please fill in a form and drop it in at the office to help us build a case.
Hopefully we will be able to ensure the safety of the children through working together. Remember, although we do not encourage lateness an extra minute or two getting to school is better than a child being hurt in an accident.

Key103 Mission Christmas
After last year’s success we are once again supporting the Key103 Mission Christmas. It helps Santa provide gifts for children in the Manchester area who are living in poverty. So if you can help Santa make Christmas special we ask you to buy one extra present this year. It has to be a new and unwrapped gift suitable for babies, toddlers, children or teenagers. You can drop off your gift here at school between now and December 15th. Many thanks for supporting this worthy local charity.

School Dinners
We are back to having the kitchen available this week so school dinners will be provided as normal. I have started to put which week of the dinner menu it currently is on the school website so you can use this to choose your dinners. This week we are on Week 2.

National Christmas Jumper Day
On 12th December we will be celebrating National Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children with the option of wearing a Christmas jumper instead of a school sweatshirt and bringing a donation. This is optional so don’t feel you need to rush out and make any purchases! Any donations will go to Save the Children.

Events/key dates this term:
Monday 1st – Choir taking part in the Stockport Schools’ Carol Concert at St George’s church 7:30pm
Friday 5th – Year 4 classes to visit the Christmas Story Trail at Hazel Grove Baptist Church
Friday 5th – Year 6 parent assembly at 9:05am.
Friday 12th – National Christmas Jumper Day
Wednesday 17th – 9am Year 3 Christmas concert to parents
Wednesday 17th – Year 4 Christmas play to parents – times to be confirmed but likely to be 2pm and 7pm
Friday 19th – Christmas party day; close for the holidays at 3:20pm

The following children were awarded certificates in assembly today:

Y6R – Eva for having a great attitude to learning and participating in all lessons.
Y6R – Isaac for always being polite and showing a mature attitude to learning.
Y6S – Niyah for fantastic singing in Y6S’ assembly and showing lots of confidence.
Y6S – Eren for settling in well in his new school, working hard and making a good impression.
Y6W – Regan for trying her best in everything she does and really trying to achieve her targets.
Y6W – Adele for creating a fantastic information page about how animals were used during World War I.
Y5C – Joseph for making a great contribution to guided reading sessions.
Y5C – George for working harder in Literacy over the last few weeks.
Y5L – Jake H for an amazing performance of his Thanksgiving poem at the parents’ assembly.
Y5L – Hannah R for writing and performing a fantastic poem about Thanksgiving at the parents’ assembly.
Y5P – Matthew for always behaving in a mature and responsible way and setting a good example to others.
Y5P – Scarlett for working very hard on her work for Thanksgiving in topic, and writing about all the things she is thankful for.
Y4H – Fin for showing a caring attitude towards others.
Y4H – Tilly for always having a hard working and positive attitude to her learning.
Y4K – Adam for outstanding work during ICT, for working hard and for always helping others.
Y4K – Sofia for always presenting her work beautifully and setting herself very high standards.
Y4S – Sophia for improving her writing each week and having more pride in her work.
Y4S – Miles for having good original ideas and always contributing to class discussions.
Y3L – Harvey for his increased effort in Literacy.
Y3L – Amber for always being hard working, polite and helpful in class and being a delight to teach.
Y3LW – Archie for trying hard to improve his understanding in Maths and for approaching each challenge with enthusiasm.
Y3LW – Emily for always trying her best and having a positive attitude to her learning.
Y3M – Cleo for great concentration during lessons and trying her best.
Y3M – Tilly for trying so hard in a new Maths group.

Congratulations to class Y5L who had the highest attendance last week with 99.2%.
Please remember to inform the school office if your child is absent for any reason. The staff are there from 8:30am until 4pm, with the answerphone being switched on at all other times.

House Point certificates
This year we will be awarding certificates every time a child receives 100 house points.
This week the following children have received certificates:
Y4H: Sienna L, Caity, Freddie, Phoebe and Tilly
Y4S: Adeeka, Jade, Connor, James, Kyle and Isabelle D
Y5P: Freya and Sam P
Y5L: Chris, Nick and Robert
Y6S: Alex, Niyah and Kyle

School office hours
Please note that staff work in the school office from 8:30am until 4pm (Monday-Thursday) or 3:30pm (Friday). The answer machine is on during the times that the office is unmanned as teachers are busy preparing in their classrooms before school, and marking work or in staff meetings after school. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Christmas Post-box
Our post-box for the children to post their Christmas cards in will be available from tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd December.
Please make sure all envelopes have the recipient’s first name and last name and the class that they are in. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Miss Sheila Harrison


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