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The concert at the Bridgewater Hall

The concert at the Bridgewater Hall

Children from Nevill Road outside the venue

Children from Nevill Road outside the venue

By Tianna, Katy and Poppy

Some children from year 5 and 6 took part in the Adopt-a-Player project where they used instruments to create a composition and perform it in front of an audience. Musicians from the Halle Orchestra came to schools to help them. There were four schools that took part, Nevill Road, Pownall Green, Queensgate and Bramhall High itself.

Monday 14th October

Today we had our first workshop with Lizzie who is a player in the famous Halle orchestra. She told us all about her instrument and famous composers. We then started to work on a composition, all went well and we’re really excited about what we will be doing next! Did you know Charles Halle was the founder of the orchestra in 1858? Did you know that the Bridgewater Hall is held up by big springs to stop the noise from coming in?

Tuesday 15th October

Daily countdown: 2 days to go before the concert!

Wednesday 16th October

Daily countdown: 1 day to go before the concert!

Thursday 17th October

The concert is today! When we were chosen for the project, it was arranged that we could go to one of the concerts performed by the Halle.

Everyone is very excited about tonight…

Friday 18th October

The concert was ace and everyone enjoyed themselves watching the players.

We had the best places and could see everyone and everything!

Monday 28th October

Today we had our second workshop. We worked on three out of four variations.

Now we only have one more variation to learn until we perform our composition!

Tuesday 29th October

Today people have been practicing their parts and music.

Monday 11th November

Sorry we haven’t written an entry for a while! Anyhow today we are going to the recital, the place where we will perform our composition (read the first paragraph for more info), and we had our third workshop with Lizzie and Launa. We have now also learnt our second and fourth variations.

Tuesday 12th November

The recital was great and overall everything was successful. Everyone remembered their pieces and the music was fantastic! It does seem a little sad that we will never be playing it again though…


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