Date: 7th July 2015
Time: 7pm
Venue: The School


Mr R Reece (Chairperson), Miss S Harrison (Headteacher), Mrs J Bell, Ms L Perry, Cllr  L Weekes-Holt, Miss C Wilson, Mr G Madeley, Mr M Bush, Mrs S Kreitzman, Mrs S Cusack, Mrs H Walters.


Mrs N Jordan (Observer)
Mrs J Castledine (Governor Support Officer)

Mrs Cusack was welcomed to the meeting as a prospective Co Opted Governor; personal introductions were made.


Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mrs Foster-Grime for late arrival.

Governors considered the merits of the appointment of Mrs Cusack to the position of Co Opted Governor for a four year term of office commencing 7th July 2015; a brief biography had been circulated prior to the meeting.  The governing body unanimously APPROVED the appointment of Mrs Cusack to the position of Co Opted governor.

Governors noted that Mrs Cusack had an interest in the Healthy Eating initiative and would be happy to work upon this with the school.


Governors were asked to declare a personal interest in any agenda items; there were not any declarations of interest.  Governors were reminded that they should declare any interest should it arise during the meeting.


(i) Previous Governing Body Minutes

RESOLVED – that the minutes of the meeting held on 31.3.15, copies circulated previously, (a) be approved and signed by the Chairperson and (b) authorised for publication.

(ii) Matters Arising from Previous Governing Body Minutes










2(i) Confirm that Co Opted governors can retain original terms of office Clerk Completed – new terms of office agreed.
2(ii) Consider Vice Chair vacancy arising 1.9.15 and indicate interest to Chair All governors Completed
2(iii) Consider Numeracy Governor vacancy arising 1.9.15 and indicate interest at Autumn term meeting All governors Completed


2(iii) Email Community Cohesion & Diversity governor remit to Mr Madeley Clerk Completed
4(viii) Co-ordinate work on dinner surveys, continue healthy eating discussions. JB To be discussed later in the meeting at item 11.
4(viii) Liaison with St Vincent’s re: fence – carried forward SK AGREED no further action required at present
9(i) Email discussions to be held re: GB vacancies, skills requirements. All governors Completed
9(iii) Clerk to highlight a need for Assessment without Levels training for governors to appropriate L.A. personnel. Clerk Completed
10(i) Clerk to circulate self harm policy Clerk Completed
10(i) Clerk to email L.A. Code of Conduct for School Staff to Headteacher Clerk Completed
10(iv) Accessibility Plan to be uploaded to school website Headteacher Completed

(iii) Previous Committee Minutes

RESOLVED – that the minutes of the following meetings, copies circulated previously, be approved and signed by the Chairperson and authorised for publication:

Pupil Progress: 25.6.15
Joint Committee: 20.5.15
Resources: 23.6.15

(iv) Matters Arising from Previous Committee Minutes

Pupil Progress

Ms Perry updated governors, advising that the school has a focus upon pupils within Years 3,4 and 5 who are working below age-related expectations in writing.  A detailed discussion had taken place within the committee to clarify how this could be moved forward in the Autumn term.

Joint Committee

Mrs Walters noted that the committee would meet again before the end of the summer term to continue discussion about the building works scheduled to take place over the summer holidays.

Purchase of the school’s website domain name has been an ongoing action for quite a while, is closure in sight?  Mrs Walters undertook to speak to Mrs Marshall (Infant School Headteacher) upon this point prior to the July committee meeting to ensure swift closure of the action.



There were no matters arising.

Monitoring Committee

A verbal report was given to the governors; minutes from the committee meeting had not yet been finalised.

Mr Madeley stated that the Monitoring committee had been recently formed in response to a report produced by Clive Taylor (School Improvement Adviser), which had highlighted areas which could leave the school in a vulnerable situation in the event of an Ofsted inspection.  From Mr Taylor’s report, the Headteacher had produced an Action Plan which addresses each of the areas highlighted.

The committee had discussed its remit compared with that of the Pupil Progress committee and it was agreed that:

  • Monitoring committee would not analyse pupils’ performance, progress or data.
  • Monitoring committee would consider with the progress of the Action Plan. Ms Perry suggested that the Action Plan, once impact measures had been added, could be brought before the full governing body meeting.  It was AGREED that the Plan could be attached to the Monitoring Committee minutes.
  • Monitoring committee will address the underlying issues which could have a negative impact upon pupils’ progress.
  • Monitoring committee was keen to have proof of pupils’ progress. The Headteacher noted that she had asked the committee what they would like to see in terms of workbooks, anonymised data etc.
  • The committee will dissolve once the actions have all been put into place, and monitoring has been carried out to ensure that they are having the desired effect. It is hoped that the committee will have dissolved by 31st December 2015.

Governors AGREED that the Monitoring Committee should provide a report for the autumn term governing body meeting.


Mrs Jordan was invited to give a presentation to the governors: Assessing without Levels. 

Mrs Jordan was thanked for her informative and detailed presentation.


(i) Budget Update

Governors were informed that the budget has been updated to include:

  • New members of staff
  • Improvements to the resources room
  • Improvements to the access road.

A carry forward surplus of £51,000 for 2015/16 was predicted.

(ii) Approval of Budget 2015/16

The Chair of the Resources committee referred governors to the detailed committee meeting minutes.  It was noted that just over £60,000 had been carried forward from the 2014/15 budget.

The Head’s Report to the Resources committee had detailed the scheduled of repayments for all major renovation projects due to take place.

The Resources committee recommended the budget to the governing body, and it was duly APPROVED.

(iii) Approval of School Fund Audit Arrangements

Mr Middleton currently audits the School Fund.  The Headteacher undertook to contact him to ascertain whether he was happy to continue with this task.


(iv) To Consider and Approve any Changes to the Buyback of L.A. Services

The school would purchase a Health & Safety package from Carillion.

Mrs Foster-Grime entered the meeting 7.51pm.

(v) Scheme of Delegation Form 2015/16

The Chair made the governors aware of the limits set, which remain unchanged.  The Form was duly APPROVED by the governing body and signed by the Chair.


The report of the Headteacher was presented and discussed.  Governors’ questions were invited, and key points were noted:

Achievement of Pupils at the School

  • Initial KS2 SATS data was circulated and examined by the governors.
  • The excellent maths results were noted; Miss Wilson was commended for her teaching within the Year 6 top set, and thanked for all her hard work with the pupils.
  • Ms Perry issued a cautionary note stating that whilst the progress was impressive, reading and writing may still have a detrimental effect upon the Value Added score. It was agreed, however, that the upturn in results was particularly encouraging, indicating that the school was on the right track.
  • Are the results what you expected? The Headteacher indicated that the teacher assessments had been very accurate and therefore results were as expected.

Quality of teaching in the school

  • The Action Plan has been put in place to address points raised from the L.A. review.
  • Policies will be reviewed over the course of the academic year.
  • The school is beginning a coaching programme, in order to share good teaching practice and encourage teachers to become reflective practitioners.
  • What is Iris Connect? It is a video-based CPD platform to enable staff to reflect back upon their own teaching and gain suggestions for improvement from colleagues. What if the system captures images of pupils?  Permission for this will be covered in the parental consent letter sent out in September.
  • An update on the staffing structure was given to the governors. Mrs Jordan will be non-class based from September, allowing her time to focus upon assessment and working with the staff.
  • The Headteachers within the Bramhall cluster are very keen to work together, sharing ideas and good practice. A cluster staff meeting had been held; Miss Wilson fed back that it had been a very positive experience to meet other teachers and build up relationships.  The cluster was also keen for schools to work together on assessment; Headteachers would meet perhaps once a term to consider, for example, what a ‘met’ child looks like.

Behaviour and Safety

  • Could you tell us about the two physical interventions please? The Headteacher updated the governors, stating that a document called My Plan was being drawn up with the child.
  • Have the staff had Team Teach training? A substantial number of staff have received training, additional training sessions will be available in the new academic year.
  • Looking at the Attendance Figures – do we have an issue with persistent absence? Governors were informed that the school had a problem with a few pupils’ persistent lateness, rather than persistent absence. As a result of this, a few families had been referred to Stockport Young People’s service. Miss Wilson noted that late arrival into class mean that a pupil was missing key input, and that the rest of the class were also being disrupted from their learning.  Year 6 pupils were encouraged to take personal responsibility for arriving promptly at school.
  • Ms Perry stated that it would be important from September to ensure that the requirements of the new Ofsted framework are reported upon in the Headteacher’s Report. The increased emphasis on safeguarding was noted.

The Headteacher was thanked for her comprehensive report and there not being any further questions it was

RESOLVED – that the Headteacher’s report be received.


(i) School Improvement Plan (SIP) Update

Governors were referred to the appropriate section within the Headteacher’s Report.

(ii) Appraisal Update (Headteacher and Staff)

The Headteacher updated Governors, advising that all mid-year appraisals were now complete.

(iii) Report on Incidents of Racism, Bullying, Homophobia

The Headteacher reported that there had not been any racist incidents in school during the spring term.

The Clerk provided a nil return form, which was completed and signed by the Headteacher and Chairperson; the Clerk then undertook to return the form to the appropriate section within Services to People.

The Headteacher reported that there had not been any incidents of bullying or homophobic behaviour during the spring term.

(iv) Report on Physical Incidents

Noted within Item (6) – Headteacher’s Report; the two incidents had been reported to Services to People using the approved recording methods.

(v) Young Carers Update

One pupil is receiving support from Signpost Young Carers.


(i) Development Plan

Ms Bell circulated the draft Governors’ Development Plan; governors were invited to email feedback on the Plan to Ms Bell.

(ii) Induction of New Governors

This is not applicable to the governing body at present.

(iii) Training

Governors were encouraged to attend training courses made available by Governor Services.  It was thought that the take up of training courses by the governors had been relatively low this year; this could, however, be due to the fact that governors had already attended the courses in previous years.

It was noted that no governors had been able to attend the GOVAS conference in March 2015; Ms Bell encouraged governors to consider attending next year.

(iv) Succession Planning

Ms Bell invited governors to talk to her about their intentions.  The Clerk undertook to circulate a list of governors’ terms of office.


Governors were asked to consider people they knew of in the local community and at work – could anybody be invited to consider a post on the school’s governing body?


(v) Terms of Office for Chair/ Vice Chair

It was noted that a two year term of office had been agreed previously so there was no requirement for an election to be held in September 2015.

(vi) End of Terms of Office

The meeting was informed that there were no terms of office due to finish on 31.8.15.

(vii) Expressions of Interest for Chair/ Vice Chair Positions

Governors were asked to consider the posts and forward their declarations of interest to the Clerk at least three weeks prior to the date of the Autumn term governing body meeting.

The vacant Vice Chair post was highlighted; governors were asked to consider this position.

(viii) Expressions of Interest for Chairs of Committees

Governors were asked to consider the posts and forward their declarations of interest to the Clerk at least three weeks prior to the date of the Autumn term governing body meeting.


(i) Early Years Pupil Premium

Not applicable in this setting; guidance noted.

(ii) Early Years Baseline Assessment

Not applicable in this setting; guidance noted.

(iii) PSHE Update

Governors noted the update.

(iv)The Constitution of Governing Bodies

A register of governors’ interests and governor information to be uploaded to the school’s website by 1st September 2015.

(v) National Standards for Excellence for Headteachers

(vi) DfE Updates

(vii) Safeguarding Update

The updates were noted.

(viii) New Osted Framework

The Headteacher and Ms Perry updated the meeting regarding the new process for an Ofsted inspection; details regarding the inspection of ‘good’ schools were noted. Ms Perry offered to deliver a briefing on the new framework to the governing body in the autumn term; this offer was received with thanks.  It was agreed that this session would take place on 15th September, 6.30pm.


(i) Full Governing Body

17th November at 7pm

(ii) Committee Meetings

To be agreed and circulated.


Parent Survey

Mrs Walters was thanked for collating all the data.  Governors considered the results and a brief discussion ensued.  Mrs Walters undertook to create a pdf document which could be uploaded to the school website; this document would compare the results of the survey to that of 2013.

Safeguarding SEF

Governors were encouraged to attend the Safer Recruitment training course in the coming academic year.

Healthy eating

Governors were requested to approve Mrs Cusack to put in place a Health Eating in School group; this was duly APPROVED by the governing body.

Best Value Statement and Statement of Internal Financial Control

The two documents were signed by the Chair of Governors and Mr Bush, Chair of Resources committee.

Clerking of Committee Meetings

Mr Bush informed the meeting that the Infant School has decided to buy back the committee clerking service from the L.A. and has asked whether the Junior School would share the cost of the same service for the Joint committee.  A brief discussion ensued, and it was duly AGREED that the governing body was not willing to buy back the clerking service for the Joint committee.

There not being any other business to discuss, the Chairperson thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 9.05 pm.