Date: 20 November 2014
Time: 7.00 pm
Venue: The School


Miss S Harrison (Headteacher), Mrs H Foster-Grime, Mrs P Banham, Cllr L Weekes-Holt, Mr G Madeley, Mrs H Waters, Mr M Bush, Mrs S Kyne, Ms J Bell, Mrs A Carolan, Mr R Reece (Chair)


Mrs J Castledine – Governor Support Officer

The meeting was convened at 7.10pm; governors were invited to read through the minutes of the Pupil Progress committee meeting which had been tabled.


Governors were welcomed to the meeting. Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mrs S Kreitzman, Ms L Perry and Mrs N Jordan.


It was agreed that the Chair would remain in office until the autumn term 2015 meeting date.

It was noted that Mr Reece had declared an interest in the position of Chairperson prior to the meeting. Additional nominations or expressions of interest were invited; there were no further candidates.

It was proposed by Miss Harrison, seconded by Mrs Walters and unanimously RESOLVED – that Mr Reece be elected Chairperson for the agreed term.

Mr Reece in the Chair.

The Chair thanked Mrs Carolan, the outgoing Chair, for her leadership and commitment to the school and presented her with a gift.3.


Mrs Carolan declared an interest in the position of Vice-Chair. Additional nominations or expressions of interest were invited by the Chair. There were no further candidates.

It was proposed by Mr Reece, seconded by Mrs Foster-Grime and unanimously RESOLVED – that Mrs Carolan be elected Vice-Chair for the agreed term.

Governors were invited to consider whether they would be interested in the role of Vice Chair in the future; interested parties should speak to the Chair.


Ms Bell noted that a Reconstitution meeting had already been held, to which all governors had been invited.

The Chair suggested that any governor who did not want to take a position on the reconstituted governing body should contact him. Mrs Kyne indicated that she would step down from the governing body and attend Finance committee meetings in her role as School Bursar. Mrs Banham indicated that she would be willing to step down if necessary.

It was proposed by Ms Bell, and duly AGREED, that the Skills Audit would be circulated and a meeting date agreed upon for January 2015 which all governors would be welcome to attend. This meeting would be for the express purpose of considering the Reconstituted governing body model and determining which governors would fill which positions.


Following a detailed discussion, it was unanimously AGREED by the governing body that their model following Reconstitution would be:

1 x L.A. governor
1 x Headteacher
1 x Staff governor
2 x Parent governors
9 x Co Opted governors

TOTAL 14 governors

The date of reconstitution was AGREED as 30th March 2015. The Clerk undertook to send the minutes, after approval by Chair and Headteacher, to the appropriate L.A. personnel in order that a new Instrument of Governance could be drawn up.



The Headteacher requested that the Clerk send a Teacher governor election pack as soon as possible, in order to fill this vacancy before the end of term.



Governors were asked to declare a personal interest in any agenda items; there were no declarations of interest.

Governors were requested to complete and sign the previously circulated declaration forms and return them to the Headteacher for retention in school.


(i) Discussion and Review of Committee Membership/Appointment of Linked Governors/Remits

Governors discussed and reviewed committee membership and linked governors as per Appendix I.

Following a short discussion, it was suggested that each committee consider and review its own remits and terms of reference at the next meeting.  The Clerk should then be advised of any amendments and an updated copy sent to the Clerk for information.


(ii) Election of Committee Chairpersons

Chairs to be elected within Committee meetings.

(iii) Review of Policies

The Governing Body agreed that a review of their existing policy portfolio would take place throughout the academic year as required at the relevant committee.

(iv) Review of Open Government

Governors resolved that they would continue to adopt the Open Government policy; Governing Body meetings would be open to the public, subject to the exclusion of observers for confidential items.

(v) Review of Governing Body Code of Practice

Governors were referred to the previously circulated document and it was agreed that they would continue to adopt the Governing Body Code of Practice.


(i) RESOLVED – that the minutes of the meeting held on 22nd July 2014, copies circulated previously, be approved and signed by the Chairperson and authorised for publication subject to the following amendment:-

Headteacher’s Report – The Chair commented that it was a shame that pupils were allowed to bring their own snacks in.

(ii) Matters Arising From Previous Governing Body Minutes

The actions raised at the summer term meeting were duly reviewed as follows:

3i –    publish minutes on school website – action completed.
3ii –   development governor to update code of practice – ACTION
3ii –   dinner surveys with parents and children – to be completed before end of term ACTION
5i –    circulate updated School Development Plan – action completed.
5i –    Healthy Eating – HT and JB have met, to be carried forward to January ACTION
6i –    Chair to speak to LP re: appraisal – Mid Term appraisal has been completed. Date set for a January meeting – action completed.
9iv – discuss Reconstitution – action completed.
10v –send Monitoring & Evaluation policy to JB and Headteacher – Clerk ACTION
14i – Spring Term governing body meeting date agreed – action completed.
15 – Mrs F-G term of office to be checked – action completed
16i – Vice Chair position to be discussed – action completed.
16 – De-brief of Ofsted inspection – carried out within committees – action completed. It was noted that the governing body must remain vigilant, as no notice inspections can take place at any time. It was AGREED that the Headteacher should ask Clive Taylor to lead a governor session on the new curriculum and framework. ACTION
16 – Liaison with St Vincent’s church re: fence – Mrs Kyne to speak to relevant church personnel. ACTION

There were no other matters arising.


(i) RESOLVED – that the minutes of the following meetings;

Pupil Progress Committee: 6.11.14
Resources Committee: 11.11.14.

Copies circulated prior to the meeting, be approved and signed by the Chairperson and authorised for publication.

(ii) Matters Arising From Previous Committee Minutes

Resources Minutes

After School Club – it was noted that no rent had been paid since April 2014. It was agreed that the Headteacher and Mr Bush should meet with the Headteacher and Resources Chair from the Infant School to discuss the issue.


Joint Committee

The next meeting would concentrate upon road safety and the absence of a lollipop person. A frank and detailed discussion ensued, and the following key points were noted:

  • Mrs Carolan had received an anonymous letter from a local resident complaining about inconsiderate parking.
  • The L.A. are advertising for a replacement lollipop person
  • The Headteacher is to continue to highlight the need for considerate parking in the weekly newsletter.

There were no other matters arising.


It was noted that all key matters had been discussed at the Committee meeting and were included within the minutes.


(i) Budget Update

It was noted that the Resources Committee had considered and agreed the budget.

(ii) Current Issues

Considered at the Committee meeting.

(iii) Presentation of School Fund Account Audit/Audit Arrangements

The item was not discussed; to be brought to the Spring Term meeting.


The Headteacher’s report had been circulated to governors prior to the meeting and questions were invited.

The Headteacher voiced disappointment in the SATS results, and informed governors that Ofsted may revisit the school. Governors noted the high staff turnover, which had caused instability over the past few months. It was also noted that two teachers remain on long term sick leave.

The meeting was informed that the website designers had met with Emma Humphreys last week, in order to work with her upon the new elements of computing within the new national curriculum. Assistance had also been given to ensure that information regarding Pupil Premium, the PE grant and all letters sent out to parents was correctly uploaded onto the school site.

Governors heard that Mr Bush is to take photographs of the new staff members to be uploaded to the ‘Meet The Staff’ page. It was therefore confirmed that the website is compliant with the statutory basic requirements.

Governors responded supportively to the Headteacher, stating that she was working extremely well in very challenging circumstances.

The Headteacher was thanked for her comprehensive report and there not being any further questions it was

RESOLVED –That the Headteacher’s report be received.


(i) School Development Plan Update (SDP)/School Improvement Partner (SIP) Update

The SDP 2013/14 and 2014/15 had been circulated to the governors prior to the meeting.

Governors’ attention was drawn to the Milestones which had been informed by the recent Ofsted visit.

It was noted that the marking policy had been recently reviewed.  Book scrutinies to be carried out to ensure that the revised policy is being implemented.

(ii) Performance Management Update and Pay (Head and Staff)

The Chair gave a verbal update to the governors.

Do you think the process has been effective? The Chair stated that the impact would probably be greater next year, as this had been the first year that the process had included a performance related pay element.

It was noted that the Headteacher’s Performance Management meeting had not yet taken place.

(iii) Report on Racist Incidents (Summer 2014)

The Headteacher reported that there had been no racist incidents during the summer term; the Clerk provided a nil return form, which was completed and signed by the Headteacher and Chairperson.

(iv) Report on Incidents of Physical Intervention (Summer 2014)

The Headteacher reported that there had been no incidents during the summer term where the use of physical intervention procedures had been necessary.

(v) Young Carers

There were no updates for the governors.

(vi) School Stage on the LA School Protocol

Governors were advised of the School Stage and reminded that this information remains confidential.


(i) Governing Body Development Plan

Not discussed at the meeting.

(ii) Training

Governors were encouraged to attend L.A. training courses.

(iii) Succession Planning

Governors were advised to consider succession planning strategies.

(iv) Stockport Governor Conference 2015

Governors were notified of the date for the Stockport Governor Conference which would be held on Saturday 7 March 2015 at Marple Hall School.


Governors were referred to the action points as follows:

(i) DFE Update

It was confirmed that sufficient staff have received suitable training to support children with medical conditions. It was also noted that the SEND Reform information has been uploaded onto the school website.

(ii) Safeguarding Update

Governors noted the listed requirements of Governing Bodies with regard to Leadership and Management of Safeguarding. It was confirmed that Mrs Carolan, Mrs Bush and the Headteacher have attended the Safer Recruitment training session.

(iii) Schools Based Immunisation Programmes

Governors noted the information.

(iv) Statutory Assessment

Governors noted the information.

(v) Integrated Children’s Services

Governors noted the information.

(vi) Reconstitution of Governing Bodies

Governors noted the information.

(vii) Schools Finance

It was highlighted that all schools were required to complete an annual re-assessment against the SFVS and to submit an updated return to the LA by 31 March 2015. It was noted that the process is underway and the return will be submitted in a timely fashion.

Mr Bush confirmed that he had met with the Headteacher to discuss and submit a response to the Finance Consultation.

(viii) Changes to the Ofsted Inspection Handbook

Governors noted the information and it was highlighted that Governing Bodies should consider the implications of greater focus on Behaviour and Safety in the overall effectiveness judgement. The Headteacher expanded upon the information given, explaining that there were now two separate judgements – one for behaviour and one for safety – with the lower judgement being taken as the overall Behaviour and Safety judgement.


(i) Full Governing Body

Spring term: 31.3.15

(ii) Committee Meetings

Resources Committee: 24.2.15, 6pm
Pupil Progress Committee: 3.3.15 (confirmed post meeting)
Steering Group: 28.1.15


(i) Governors agreement to share email database with GOVAS

The Clerk explained that the annual request to share their email information was made to ensure that GOVAS had up to date records; this information would not be used or shared outside GOVAS.

Governors duly AGREED the request to pass contact details to GOVAS

(ii) Approval of PoliciesGovernors APPROVED the following policies:-

  • Pay
  • Marking
  • Complaints
  • Safeguarding

(iii) Health and Safety Letter

The correspondence was noted by the governors.

(iv) Kitchen Renovations

Governors were informed that the kitchen was due to be refurbished over a weekend or during a school holiday to ensure minimum disruption to the school community. The school has now been advised that the work will take place during term time; Mrs Male (infant school governing body Chair) has written a letter of complaint to Stephen Bell about this.

(v) Miss Kreitzman

Governors recorded their best wishes to Miss Kreitzman on the recent birth of her baby.

Governors were thanked for their hard work and commitment to the school and, there not being any other business to discuss, the Chairperson thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 8.40pm.