From the Teachers’ Point of View

By Kathryn, Sophie, Tianna and Joseph

There has been a lot of new teachers coming into Nevill Road, so this year, the Media Group thought they would interview some of the teachers to find out what it is like from their point of view.

At the end of September/beginning of October they interviewed some of the teachers including; Mr Cardwell, Miss Styan, Miss Wilson, Miss Lamont, Mrs Westerby, Miss Hindle, Mr Dunn and Miss Bramwell [teaching assistant].

Miss Wilson [a teacher in 5W] thought that there are very impressive rules and responsibilities that help the children and staff to make a safe and happy school. To add on to that, Miss Lamont [a teacher in year three] and Miss Styan [a teacher in year four] thought the school is nice, welcoming and supportive place where the children are very comfortable and eager to learn.

Lots of teachers commented on how lovely the students and staff are. Mr Cardwell [a teacher in 5C] said that he found it is good to work with the helpful staff. Mrs Hindle (a year 5 teacher) thinks the children should be more involved in ideas for the school.

The teachers gave us some very interesting answers to our questions. When we asked Mrs Pratt “what do you find most exciting about the new year?” she replied: “getting to know all the new children.” She also said: “the head has lots of new ideas.”

Miss Roberts also likes the fact that the children are more independent and older and that it is not that big a change moving from year 5 to year 6.

One of the questions we asked was what did they like about teaching. “I like it when children are finding something tricky, and I’m able to help them understand,” was Miss Bramwell’s [a teaching assistant] answer.

Miss Whittle [a teacher in 4W] likes the fact that her class are really keen to make progress in all subjects.

With all of that we think Nevill Road is doing well, with a few things to work on.


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