Ducks Take to the Water

By Katy and Poppy

In September, Nevill Road Schools had their annual duck race and many prizes were won.

The duck race is held every year at Bramhall Park, the park just down the road from the school and is organised by one of the mums Katie Smith and a dad Gary Madeley.

The prizes include: first 16 places, last place and best name for a duck. School caretaker Mr Dunn won a hair and shampoo treatment, although he is bald. He was laughing when he found out.

The best name was Niamh’s “One Duckrection” and she won lots of chocolate. She also won last year with Usain Duck.

The duck race goes like this: over 500 ducks were tipped into the River Ladybrook that runs through the park and the ducks complete a cours. At the end the ducks squeeze through a narrow pipe to make sure that they go through one by one.

The duck numbers are given to Katie Smith, she finds out who owns that duck and gives them their prize.

Niamh Duffy said “I was a bit surprised to win and I didn’t know how the name was picked, but I did hope to do well.”

Mr Dunn said “It was funny but I was glad that I actually won something.”

Lots of money was raised and the duck race was enjoyed by everyone!


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